Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

This is a template of the reading comprehension map for Ms. Moix's English class.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Mind Map: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

1. Author

1.1. Lewis Carroll

1.2. 1832-1898

1.3. English

1.4. AKA Charles Ludwig Dodgson was a lecturer in mathematics and was also a photographer. He wrote famous children books like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the looking glass, and The Hunting of the Snark.

2. General Info

2.1. November 26 1865

2.2. Children fiction Novel

2.3. English

2.4. England/Wonderland during 1865

3. Plot

3.1. Alice falls down a rabbit hole and lands herself in wonderland

3.2. Alice is stuck in a place so confusing and has to get home.

3.3. She keeps growing sizes, and the inhabitants keep her from getting home.

3.4. She goes into a court of justice with the queen.

3.5. Alice realizes that wonderland is a sham and fights off the card people.

3.6. She wakes up in her sister's lap realizing that everything is a dream.

4. Themes, Allusions & Symbols

4.1. Loneliness

4.2. Queen's Garden- symbolizes garden of Eden

4.3. William the Conqueror

5. Characters

5.1. Protagonist Alice

5.2. Sidekick None

5.3. Antagonist Queen of hearts

6. Vocabulary

6.1. Section 1

6.1.1. tittered And the Eaglet bent down its head to hide a smile : some of the other birds tittered audibly. Definition: half-suppressed laugh; giggle

6.1.2. Melancholy "I wish I hadn't mentioned Dinah!" she said to herself in a melancholy tone. Definition: Deppresed

6.2. Section 2

6.2.1. Feeble "At last came a little feeble, squeaking voice..." Definition: means to be weak

6.2.2. Coaxing "Poor little thing!" said Alice in a coaxing tone. Definition: To be persuasive

6.3. Section 3

6.3.1. Contemptuously "Of course you don't!" the Hatter said, tossing his head contemptuously. Definition: to feel dishonored

6.3.2. Giddy "Leave off that!" screamed the Queen. "You make me giddy." Definition: To feel dizzy

6.4. Section 4

6.4.1. askance But the snail replied: "Too Far, too far!" and gave a look askance. Definition: To look at something suspiciously.

6.4.2. memorandum "Stolen!" the King exclaimed, turning to the jury, who instantly made a memorandum of the fact. Definition: A short note to be remembered

7. Summary

7.1. Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a confusing place called wonderland. She encounters talking animals.

7.2. Alice goes to the White Rabbit's house and grows big like a giant. She also grows small again and encounters a caterpillar who gives her advice. During her journey she arrives at the duchess' house.

7.3. Alive goes to a tea party where she meets the Mad Hatter. After getting frustrated by confusion, she leaves the party. After this, she stumbles upon the Queen's garden.

7.4. Alice participates in croquet with the queen. She goes into a court of justice with the Queen. She is accused for growing too tall in court and is sentenced to be beheaded, but wakes up and realizes wonderland is a dream.