Developments in Science and Technology

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Developments in Science and Technology by Mind Map: Developments in Science and Technology

1. After 1945/Atomic age

1.1. Television

1.1.1. A device made to show visula images and voices Canadian Television Networks

1.2. Universal Health care

1.2.1. Makes health services free in Canada Tommy douglas

1.3. Nuclear technology

1.3.1. Nuclear power plants which made energy

1.3.2. Hydrogen bomb Larger, more destructive bomb then atomic.

1.3.3. Nuclear Arms race Race between countries for nuclear weapons Fear of total nuclear war

2. Before 1914

2.1. Cars

2.1.1. Revolutionized travelling and started to become main form of travel Autoplants Which were car factories and created jobs for many Canadians.

2.2. Planes

2.2.1. made flight possible and eventually became the common long term form of travel. the use of planes for reconaisense and later in WWII for bombing strikers

2.3. Radio

2.3.1. Made communication open to all and let people hear news, events, entertainment wherever they want. Most military vehicles and large military forces


3.1. Manhattan Project

3.1.1. Group of scientists gathered by the Allies to make a nuclear bomb for Allied use. Atomic bomb Bomb made by fission of nuclei causing nuclear energy to be released. Most destructive weapon made at the time.

4. Depression

4.1. Pablum

4.1.1. pre- cooked dry baby food that was commercially available, nutritional, and enjoyed by infants. save many infants during the depression

5. WWI-1920s

5.1. telephone

5.1.1. Allowed people to talk with each other from long distances and for communication world wide

5.2. electricity

5.2.1. Used to power household appliances, heat, light, and most new forms of technology at the time Most of the technology after this point in time

5.3. Insulin

5.3.1. Fredrick Banting and Charles Best who discovered insulin and used it to cure diabetes The saving of millions from diabetes