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Tech Tools! by Mind Map: Tech Tools!

1. Animoto

1.1. Create videos from still pictures and video clips

1.2. Free account limited to 30 second videos

1.3. Add music from site selection or your library

1.4. Add text and notes in video

1.5. Choose different backgrounds and styles

1.6. Fun way for students to create short presentations

2. Fotoflexer

2.1. Online image editor

2.2. Ability to edit images from computer or online photo and social networking sites

2.3. Many different editing tools

2.3.1. Effects

2.3.2. Fonts

2.3.3. Shapes

2.3.4. Doodling

2.3.5. Distortions

2.3.6. Animation

2.4. Ability to edit and save images without signing up for account

2.5. Excellent tool for students to edit images from anywhere for projects or presentations

3. Panoramio

3.1. Photo sharing from places around the world

3.2. Search for photos by place, tags or map

3.3. Upload up to ten photos at a time

3.4. Post description of photo on map or using tag

3.5. Free account creation through google

3.6. Fun resource for trip documentation or class projects such as history or geography