Reading Comprehension Template

This is a template of the reading comprehension map for Ms. Moix's English class.

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Reading Comprehension Template by Mind Map: Reading Comprehension Template

1. Summary

1.1. Section 1 (pages 1-25) Summary: Sleepy Hollow is a a place where strange things happen. Some say the phenomenons were caused by a German doctor. Others say it was an Indian who was a wizard of his tribe. Something about the place holds a power over some people making them have hallucinations and hear strange things. Ichabod Crane is a schoolmaster (teacher) who helps the children at the school in the area.

1.2. Section 2 (pages 26-50) Summary: Ichabod likes the daughter of a rich farmer by the name of Baltus Van Tassel. His daughters name is Katrina Van Tassel. Ichabod would often meet her by the elm tree. Many men like Katrina but the biggest rival is Abraham. Also known as Brom Bones because of his strength and bravery

1.3. Section 3 (pages 51-75) Summary: Ichabod often rides in the hollow with his horse, Gunpowder. He goes to a party and dances with Katrina, while Abraham broods in the corner. At the end of the party, people start telling stories about the ghosts of Sleepy Hollow, especially the Headless Horseman.

1.4. Section 4 (pages 76-99) Summary: On his way home from the party, riding through the hollow, Ichabod is chased by the Headless Horseman. The Horseman threw his head at Ichabod and knocked him off of his horse. Gunpowder returned home and Ichabod was never seen again.

2. General Info

2.1. 1819

2.2. Classic Novel

2.3. English

2.4. Setting: The town of Sleepy Hollow.

3. Author

3.1. Washington Irving

3.2. Born: April 3, 1783 Died: November 28, 1859

3.3. American

3.4. Irving was born in New York City. He was the youngest of eleven children. When he first started writing he used the pen name Jonathan Oldstyle.

4. Characters

4.1. Protagonist: Ichabod Crane was the school teacher in Sleepy Hollow. The book represents him being smart because of his teaching

4.2. Sidekick: His horse Gunpowder. The icon symbolizes him being brave trying to help Ichabod through the hollow.

4.3. Antagonist: The headless horseman is a supernatural creature of Sleepy Hollow.

5. Vocabulary

5.1. Section 1 (Pages 1-25)

5.1.1. The word is apt. Sentence: That all this might not be too onerous on the purses of his rustic patrons, who are apt to consider the costs of schooling a grievous burden and schoolmasters as mere drones, he had various ways of rendering himself both useful and agreeable. Definition: Having an urge to do something

5.1.2. The word is spindle. Sentence: His head was small, and flat at top, with huge ears, large green glassy eyes, and a long snipe nose, so that it looked like a weathercock perched upon his spindle neck. Definition: A slender cylinder like object.

5.2. Section 2 (Pages 26-50)

5.2.1. The word is willows. Sentence: A great elm tree spread its broad branches over it, at the foot of which bubbled up a spring of the softest and sweetest water in a little well formed of a barrel, and then stole sparkling away through the grass to a neighboring brook that bubbled along among alders and dwarf willows. Definition:A small, dark alleyway.

5.2.2. The word is latter. Sentence: It is a great triumph of skill to gain the former, but a still greater proof of generalship to maintain possession of the latter, for a man must battle for his fortress at every door and window. Definition: To stand your ground and handle a situation.

5.3. Section 3 (pages 51-75)

5.3.1. The word is sumptuous. Sentence: Not those of the bevy of buxom lasses with their luxurious display of red and white, but the ample charms of a genuine dutch country tea-table in the sumptuous time of autumn. Definition: beautiful or really nice

5.3.2. The word is apparitions. Sentence: But all of these were nothing to the tales of ghosts and apparitions that succeeded. Definition: a supernatural, spirit like creature.

5.4. Section 4 (pages 76-99)

5.4.1. The word is lamentations. Sentence: The common people regarded it with a mixture of respect and superstition, partly out of sympathy for the fate of its ill-starred namesake, and partly from the tales of strange sights and doleful lamentations told concerning it. Definition: sad and regretful

5.4.2. The word is asunder. Sentence: The goblin was hard on his haunches, and (unskilled rider that he was) he had much to ado to maintain his seat, sometimes slipping on one side, sometimes on another, and sometimes jolted on the high ridge of his horse's back-bone with a violence that he verily feared would cleave him asunder. Definition: to separate

6. Plot

6.1. Initial situation: Ichabod Crane is a schoolteacher in Sleepy Hollow which is a place where strange things happen

6.2. There are creatures in the hollow that can hurt people and mentally damage them.

6.3. Complication: Ichabod likes a woman named Katrina but there are many other men that like her too

6.4. Climax: Ichabod goes to a party at Katrina's families's house and has fun dancing with Katrina.

6.5. Falling Action: On his way back, he gets chased by the headless horseman

6.6. Conclusion: The horseman throws his head at Ichabod and he falls of his horse and no one can find his body the next day. He was never heard from again.

7. Themes, Allusions & Symbols

7.1. Themes: The theme "Think before you act" can give a message to Ichabod. He heard people talking about the horseman and the ghost tales at the party but he just went along his day going into the woods.

7.2. Symbols: The bridge could symbolize safety because Ichabod was trying to get there to get away from the horseman.

7.3. Allusion: "A pleasing land of drowsy-head it was" means that the land of Sleepy Hollow was nice but faint.

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