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Global Midterm by Mind Map: Global Midterm

1. European Exploration

1.1. Key People

1.1.1. Sailed for Portugal Prince Henry Vasco da Gama

1.1.2. Sailed for Spain Christopher Columbus Ferdinand Magellan

1.1.3. Sailed for England John Cabot Henry Hudson

1.1.4. Sailed for France Jacques Carter

1.2. Political

1.2.1. European Monarchs sent explorers to conquer new lands and build empires around the world

1.3. Social

1.3.1. Explorers spread Christianity around the world

1.4. Economic

1.4.1. Explorers sent gold, silver, and gems back to Europe to strength European economies

1.5. 1400-1800

1.6. Reasons for Exploration

1.6.1. adventure religion fame/wealth

1.7. Introduced a merchant class which lead to absolutism

2. Absolutism

2.1. Key People

2.1.1. Philip II Ferdinand and Isabella Henry IV

2.2. Political

2.2.1. European monarchs had total control over the government

2.3. Social

2.3.1. Governments established very strict laws that controlled the way people lived

2.4. Economic

2.4.1. People paid enormous amounts of money in taxes while European monarchs lived very extravagant lives

2.5. 1550-1800

2.6. More trade and money from expansion lead to more power for the monarchs

3. Enlightenment

3.1. Key People

3.1.1. Thomas Hobbes John Locke Voltaire

3.2. Political

3.2.1. People started to reject the control of absolute monarchs and wanted to start establishing governments made up of the people

3.3. Social

3.3.1. People started to reject the control of absolute monarchs over their lives. People wanted freedom and opportunity.

3.4. Economic

3.4.1. Physiocrats such as Adam Smith argued the need for a free market and laissez-faire

3.5. 1650-1800

3.6. People were tired of monarchs controlling their lives and started thinking on their own

4. French Revolution

4.1. Key People

4.1.1. Louis XVI Napoleon Bonaparte Jacques Necker

4.2. Political

4.2.1. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were poor rulers and knew very little about their government. The people wanted leaders who represent them.

4.3. Social

4.3.1. People had very little to no freedoms in France and fought for freedom and equality.

4.4. Economic

4.4.1. The Third Estate was playing an enormous amount in taxes while the royal family, First, and Second Estates lived very comfortable lives

4.5. 1789-1790

4.6. the french revolution was a result of absolutism

4.7. the enlightenment inspired the french revolution

5. Industrial Revolution

5.1. Key People

5.1.1. Eli Whitney Thomas Malthus Jeremy Benthlam

5.2. Social

5.2.1. Business owners would often time employ children as a source of cheap labor. Horrible working and living conditions plagued the cities

5.3. Economic

5.3.1. Capitalism promoted private business. New inventions helped the economy grow tremendously. Britain, Germany, and the United States were the top economic powers in the world.

5.4. 1700-1900

5.5. industrialization was influenced by capitalism, which came from the enlightenment

6. Imperialism

6.1. Key People

6.1.1. Cecil Rhodes King Leopold Menelik II

6.2. Political

6.2.1. European countries expanded their power and colonized new territories around the world creating global empires. European governments wanted to spread European style

6.3. Social

6.3.1. Europeans wanted to spread culture and religion. Europeans wanted to "civilize" Native people and saw them as "barbarians"

6.4. Economic

6.4.1. New business expanded and found new trading markets

6.5. 1870-1914