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Habituation by Mind Map: Habituation

1. 1. Reception of stimulus

1.1. detected through

1.1.1. Touch by Mechano-receptor proteins

1.1.2. Pain

1.1.3. Visual

1.1.4. Auditory

2. Habituation Video

3. 2. Modulation

3.1. stimulus signal received by

3.1.1. Interneurons suppress the firing of motor neurons are inhibited by the neurotransmitter GABA

3.1.2. located in the Thalamus

3.1.3. express genes for Parvalbumin proteins

4. 3. Effectors

4.1. Habituation response produced by

4.1.1. Motor Neurons Express GABA receptor genes in the Motor cortex become less likely to "fire" causing a reduced or absent response to the stimuli....

4.1.2. Examples of habituation effects Getting used to street noise after moving to NYC Snails stop responding to antennae stimulation Ragworms stop responding to repeated passing shadows

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