Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy by Mind Map: Physical Therapy

1. strengthening exercises

1.1. questions

1.1.1. How many different exercises are there for each type of injury?

1.1.2. What level of function can be restored as a result of strengthening exercises?

1.2. what to learn

1.2.1. Many different exercises and massage techniques

1.2.2. A basic knowledge of how the muscles and joints work together to work properly(and how they break)

1.3. Patients overall feelings towards therapy and their progress since injury/surgery

2. electrical stimulation

2.1. questions

2.1.1. What is the theory behind electrical stimulation that applies to its use in a pt/ot setting

2.1.2. How many different applications can the stimulator be used for?

2.2. what to learn

2.2.1. Where electrodes are placed as a result of the type of injury

2.2.2. The different uses for different frequencies of electrical current

2.3. interest

2.3.1. How much of the electrical stimulation is actually helping with injury.

3. pool rehab

3.1. questions

3.1.1. what types of injuries need time in the pool?

3.1.2. what benefit does pool have over land?

3.2. what to learn

3.2.1. types of exercises that can be done in pool setting

3.2.2. what advantages these exercises have over land-counterparts

3.3. interest

3.3.1. If people get both types of therapy, which one do they prefer and why