Old Yeller: by Jordan Martinez

This is a template of the reading comprehension map for Ms. Moix's English class.

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Old Yeller: by Jordan Martinez by Mind Map: Old Yeller: by Jordan Martinez

1. In a forest out in the country where many animals wander in the wilderness.

2. English

3. Author

3.1. Fred Gipson

3.2. February 7, 1908 - August 14, 1973

3.3. Christian

3.4. About Gipson...

4. Summary

4.1. With Travis, Airliss (Travis's little brother) and their mother. Travis has to deal with airliss contaminating the water pool that they and has to hunt down food for the family.

4.2. Travis's papa leaves his land to go to Kansas so he can find a good set of land so they can start a new life there.

4.3. Old Yeller pays a visit by tearing a chunk of fresh meat from a drying rack which was intentioned to be the family's dinner. Travis's plan was to intentionally kill the dog for stealing the meat, but Airliss and their mother chose different.

4.4. Old Yeller and Travis learn to get along and their papa eventually comes home to tel the good news of the land he found for the family's new home.

5. General Info

5.1. Novel (realistic fiction)

5.2. ???

6. Characters

6.1. Travis

6.2. Airliss & their mother

6.3. Old Yeller

7. Vocabulary

7.1. Section 1

7.1.1. Switched - a term which is used another way for the meaning spanked.

7.1.2. Astride - with a leg on each side of something.

7.2. Section 2

7.2.1. Corncrib - a bin or ventilated building for storing unhusked ears of corn.

7.2.2. Aggravated - made more serious by attendant circumstances (such as frame of mind).

7.3. Section 3

7.3.1. Blat - make a bleating sound.

7.4. Section 4

7.4.1. Brier - any of a number of prickly scrambling shrubs, especially the sweetbrier and other wild roses.

7.4.2. Buzzard - a North American vulture, especially a turkey vulture.

8. Plot

8.1. Old Yeller (the dog) has been aggravating Travis and has caused nothing but trouble.

8.2. Old Yeller and Airliss mess up things while their father (Travis and Airliss) leaves to go on a trip to go far beyond their land and gather something special.

8.3. It is a struggle for Travis to keep things in their place, with Airliss getting in their family's drinking water pool and Old Yeller stealing and causing nothing but havoc across the whole family. Travis has to deal with the family as he is in charge and has to cover for his father, dealing with wild animals and all sorts of other hostiles.

8.4. When Travis save's Airliss from a bear cause he wouldn't let go of the baby bear cub, then Old Yeller coming in to fight off the mama bear with all his might and then escape from the wild animal.

8.5. When Old Yeller arrives there are many more animals that come to muck up all his hard work. No only that but many animals try to destroy Travis's family's farm and the rest of his property.

9. Themes, Allusions & Symbols

9.1. The meat hung from the line.

9.2. Airliss continuously swims in the family's drinking water.

9.3. The whole story lies on the shoulder of Travis, and Old Yeller. Travis does not like the dog and wants to get rid of him because of how he does not have a clue what anyone says or how things work for him.