A Transition for Chipping Norton

a vision for all of us who care about or community and environment to work together locally

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A Transition for Chipping Norton by Mind Map: A Transition for Chipping Norton

1. Join us

1.1. TCN

1.1.1. www.TransitionChippingNorton.org

1.1.2. TransitionChippingNorton(at)gmail.com

1.1.3. www.facebook.com/TransitionChippingNorton

1.2. HN-LC

1.2.1. www.hn-lc.org.uk

1.2.2. info(at)hn-lc.org.uk

1.2.3. www.facebook.com/HookNortonLowCarbon

2. challenges

2.1. climate

2.1.1. Goals/Objectives Reduce individual carbon footprint Reduce community carbon footprint

2.2. other 'planetary boundaries' of the environment which keeps us alive

2.3. economy for society

2.3.1. 'big corporates' - in many ways broken, fragile, not serving society finance commerce industry 'agri-business'

3. solutions

3.1. needs empowered local action

3.1.1. building energy

3.1.2. land use

3.1.3. food supply

3.1.4. transport

3.2. Transition Chipping Norton and Hook Norton - Low Carbon are working together to address these challenges

3.2.1. Transition Chipping Norton - Acting as an umbrella group for the activities in the CN area and leaving autonomy to the individual group like the Community Orchard helping plan/maintain schemes like Elmsfield Community Orchard, The Triangle tree plantation Organising events Autumn Fair Energy Fair Chippy Energy (project and shop) small outreach events (e.g. on Farmers Market days) Film showings Practical workshops (carbon audits, etc) Research and practical studies Energy saving Community Renewables Transport Contributed to Neighbourhood Plan Food group Community Allotment Local Sustainable Products directory Good Food group Community Supported Agriculture

3.2.2. Hook Norton - Low Carbon Eco renovations Eco loans Fuel Buying Club Community Smallholding Incredible Edible Hooky (planting edibles around the village) Car Club Waste Oil Biodiesel Community Swap-shops

3.3. TCN and HN-LC also work with/within other local organisations, including...

3.3.1. Low Carbon Hub

3.3.2. CAG Network

3.3.3. Transition Network

3.3.4. Town and parish councils

3.3.5. Green Gym

3.3.6. North Oxfordshire Organic Gardeners

4. Tell us your views

4.1. What should we do

4.2. How would you like to be involved