Desktop Project

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project

1. Target Audience

1.1. Shipley College has a large open age range, under 16s from Salts School, Full Time Students & Elder students coming in the later hours of each day. Main students using the media suite will be students age 16-20 and most designs will probably appeal to to these students

2. What to Include

2.1. The desktop image I create needs to include two logos. The Shipley College logo, a media suite logo which I'll design. Make room for the icons on screen, between 19 to 22 icons in total on each desktop in the media suite (SF01) Clear colour so the logos and icons are easy to see, either a dark colour or a creamly colour will do, last years winner had a black background so everything on screen was visible. A design to add to make it unique and add character to the design.

2.2. Shipley College Logo

2.3. Custom Made Media Suite Design

2.4. 6 Agreed Shipley College Student Charter points. 1/2/3/12/16/20. Basic words to show the agreed points. Attendance, Studying, Respect, Carry ID Cards, Don't Offend Others & Follow Regulations.

2.5. Custom Made Original Design or Using Available Designs and working upon them.

2.6. Clear Colours so Icons, Logos and Designs are visible

3. Themes Discussed

3.1. Horror: There is a few sub-genres in horror but most would describe horror were it scares the player, makes the player uncomfortable in the environment, makes the action slow but sharp, sudden moments of fright.

3.2. Sci-fi: Futuristic environments, characters, creatures (aliens), abilities, weapons and more. Obvious examples would be Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, etc.

3.3. Fantasy: Mostly completely created worlds from the ground up. The world are quiet unrealistic hence the fantasy. Well known games in the genre are; world of warcraft, final fantasy, dragon's quest, The Elders Scrolls and more.

3.4. War: Usually based around world wars or possible wars or fantasize on a war based on none war such as the cold war. Usually based on massive epic battles. Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Brothers in Arms to name a few or war sims like Operation Flashpoint and ARMA.

4. My Ideals

4.1. F1 Car - Scuderia Ferrari I did last year as a taster to this course.

4.2. MGS - Snake

4.3. Entertainment Products in collage style graphic

4.4. Custom Waves that make a Race Circuit