Property and Ownership

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Property and Ownership by Mind Map: Property and   Ownership

1. created 1/22/16

2. Digital Art Ownership

2.1. Article Monograph

2.1.1. website

2.2. Building a Blockchain-centric Digital Art Market

2.2.1. Chris Tse Stacking the Card Deck

3. Intellectual property

3.1. bundle of exclusive rights

3.1.1. excludes others from exercising these rights

3.2. copyright

3.2.1. Rights reproduction control over derivative works distribution public performance public display transfer ownership

3.2.2. laws vary by country

3.2.3. for a limited time

3.2.4. limitations and exceptions fair use section 107 criticism comment news reporting teaching scholarship research

3.2.5. automatic once put into a physical form

3.2.6. Ownership of a copyright is different from ownership of a tangible object. See 17 U.S.C. §202.

3.3. patents

3.4. trademark

3.5. does not respond directly to scarcity

3.6. Objections

3.6.1. their use by any one person does not preclude their use by any number of others

3.6.2. expansion nature scope

4. Property

4.1. relationship between

4.1.1. individual or legal entity

4.1.2. property

4.1.3. state develops legal system enforces and protects

4.1.4. is called

4.1.5. a property regime

4.2. David Hume

4.2.1. Until possession is stabilized by social rules, there is no secure relation between person and thing. system of rules

4.3. possession is 9/10th's of the law

4.4. Rights

4.4.1. consume

4.4.2. alter

4.4.3. redefine

4.4.4. share

4.4.5. lend

4.4.6. rent

4.4.7. mortgage

4.4.8. pawn

4.4.9. sell

4.4.10. exchange

4.4.11. transfer

4.4.12. give away

4.4.13. destroy

4.4.14. or to exclude other from doing these things

4.5. Obligations & Liabilities

4.5.1. taxes

4.6. Types

4.6.1. tangible

4.6.2. intangible financial instruments stocks bonds intellectual patents copyrights trademarks digital files communication channels indentifiers is time limited

5. Provenance

5.1. chain of custody