Krishnamurthy Lakshminarayana

Through-out the experiance, Handled Deliveries in general. Mostly: Software Delivery and Service Delivery. Always interested in: - Building Teams, ramp-up planning & execution, - Bridge Technology and Business goals to provide effective solutions, - Continuous Improvement through Gap Analysis, - Process Automation, - Performance Monitoring and Optimization. Certifications: PMP, MCSE, SCSE, WASE ... Specialties - Architecting SCM Solutions, - Complex Unix Deployments...

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Krishnamurthy Lakshminarayana by Mind Map: Krishnamurthy Lakshminarayana

1. Who am i?

1.1. Interests

1.2. Date of Birth

1.2.1. 25.July.1975

1.3. Contact

1.3.1. Email:

1.3.2. City: Bangalore, India

1.4. On the web

1.4.1. LinkedIn

1.4.2. Facebook

1.4.3. Twitter

2. Proficient Skills

2.1. Business

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Technology

2.2.1. Servers

3. Work Experience

3.1. Companies

3.1.1. Siemens

3.1.2. NSN Apr.2006 to date

3.1.3. India Comnet International Nov.2003 to Mar.2006

3.1.4. Alcatel Development Center, Chennai Apr'00 to Oct'03

3.1.5. SIMOS Computers

3.2. Roles

3.2.1. Project Manager

3.2.2. Service Manager

3.2.3. Solid Line Manager

3.2.4. Core Technical Manager

3.2.5. IT Architect

3.2.6. SCM Manager

3.3. Achievements

3.4. Projects

4. Recommendations

4.1. Sendhilraj Chandrasekaran

4.1.1. Reference Date August 16, 2008

4.1.2. Relationship: worked directly at Alcatel, Chennai

4.1.3. Recommendation: I've known Krish for many years now; His quest for knowledge also to stay abreast of latest developments in his domain/technology has helped him keep the saw sharp. He has a penchant for customer delight that has paved way for several automations. He is like a duck on water when it comes to handling pressure - No matter how much a duck paddles under water, it always appear calm on the surface.

4.2. Nagarajan Chandreskaran

4.2.1. Reference Date April 18, 2008

4.2.2. Relationship: worked directly at Comnet International

4.2.3. Recommendation: Krish is cheerful and very technical to work with. I have had good amount of discussions to try and arrive solutions pertaining to Rational suite of products and Krish was always on top with immediate solutions. His down to earth attitude made him accessible by the entire group and Krish's timely suggestions help solved critical blockers on time. Any issues on Rational products I recommend to reach out to Krish - and challenge me if Krish cant solve the problem :)

4.3. Subramonian Murugan

4.3.1. Reference Date January 20, 2008

4.3.2. Relationship: worked directly at Alcatel, Chennai

4.3.3. Recommendation: Krish's way of working was differs from his other colleagues. His contribution on Oracle db and Apps deployment in Alcatel was excellent and met the goal before the target. Appreciate his scripting knowledge. On top of that he will respect human beings and this can not be counted....... EXCELLENT KRISH.......

4.4. GnanaPrasad Yayavaram

4.4.1. Reference Date March 5, 2008

4.4.2. Relationship: hired Krishnamurthy as a IT Consultant in 1995, and hired Krishnamurthy more than once

4.4.3. Recommendation: When my Organisation is in deep destress and wague in IT stratagies his intervention and guidance were never to be forgotton. The Novel became stable and Windows NT explored & implimented when none of our near by IT companies not just thought off. The hardware support and Line Printer configuration (at that point of time, that was the critical - Bapreee) all amazing. If there is a choice for me to award "Software Sachin" I will be very much Delighted!!!!

4.5. Vijayasekhar R

4.5.1. Reference Date February 21, 2008

4.5.2. Relationship: hired Krishnamurthy as a IT Consultant in 1993

4.5.3. Recommendation: We had good time when we are working in the organisation and where we worked in a remote village try to work on IT hardware installation for the company.

4.6. Vakayil Thobias

4.6.1. Reference Date May 28, 2008

4.6.2. Relationship: worked indirectly for Krishnamurthy at Alcatel, Chennai

4.6.3. Recommendation: He is very good in Technical activities. He is an expert in clearcase, solaris admin, shell scripting, etc. Good analytical skill. Excellent in solving technical problems.

5. Goals

6. Accolade

6.1. Education

6.1.1. Master of Business Administration in Systems

6.1.2. Bachelor of Computer Applications

6.1.3. Associate Members of Institution of Engineers, Section-A

6.1.4. Diploma in Electronics & Communications Engineering

6.2. Certifications

6.2.1. Certified Project Management Professional

6.2.2. Certified on ITIL v3

6.2.3. SUN Certified Solaris Engineer

6.2.4. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

6.3. Trainings

6.3.1. Pre-Sales and Writing Winning Proposals by CELTEM, PMI-REP.

6.3.2. Enterprise DBA from Oracle

6.3.3. Advanced Clearcase Administration

6.3.4. 'Think Customer' from Mercuri Goldmann