TRASH by; Andy Mulligan

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TRASH by; Andy Mulligan by Mind Map: TRASH by; Andy Mulligan

1. Characters

1.1. Raphael

1.1.1. Auntie

1.2. Gardo

1.2.1. Very sensible, delicate. He takes care of the other kids

1.3. Rat

1.4. Jose Angelo

1.5. Father Juilliard

1.6. Pia

1.7. Grace

1.8. Olivia Weston

2. Setting

2.1. Dumpsite

2.2. Police station

3. Problem

3.1. Raphael and Gardo have found a mysterious wallet filled with money and an i.d. that belongs to some guy named Jose Angelo. Jose Angelo had gotten into a lot of trouble and the police has been looking for him, he died. The police was also in search of the wallet found by the boys. Now the boys ar being chased by the police.

3.2. Poor

3.3. Live in trash

3.4. Lies

3.5. Danger

4. Solution

5. Themes

5.1. Poverty

5.2. Corruption

5.3. Lies/Truths