CT: Equalizing Tech Skills/Access on Campus

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CT: Equalizing Tech Skills/Access on Campus by Mind Map: CT: Equalizing Tech Skills/Access on Campus

1. Questions/Challenges

1.1. How to get folk to understand what skills are needed?

2. Roles

2.1. As a prof

2.1.1. make podcasts

2.1.2. edit parts of wikipedia

2.1.3. offer alternate access alternate assignments know where is public access, loaners

2.1.4. talk about why it is important & relevant

2.1.5. group assignments

2.1.6. can we get faculty up to level of students?

2.2. Fellow students

2.2.1. partner, work in small groups

2.2.2. share

2.2.3. tutors

2.3. Management

2.3.1. guides or lists of tech access, loaners, etc

2.3.2. get tech in department

2.3.3. sharing agreements

2.3.4. departmental collaborations

2.3.5. purchase collaborations

2.3.6. find out who is doing what on campus surveys during orientation as annual campus overview? tracking incorporated into campus systems (such as UMOD) MCommunity questions where is campus community in social media? what tech is being used by campus community? what gaps/needs IDed as important by community?

2.4. Support staff

2.4.1. noncourse support workshops Images intellectual property best practices

2.4.2. IDENTIFY those who need help

2.5. Librarians

2.5.1. guides to tech resources on campus

2.5.2. guides to ????

2.5.3. reference support

2.5.4. support discovery

2.5.5. podcasts

2.5.6. see SKILLS

2.6. IT staff

2.6.1. outreach

2.6.2. find the problem / weak points

2.6.3. develop/support emulators where appropriate

2.6.4. site licenses

2.6.5. MCommunity

3. Skills

3.1. intellectual property

3.1.1. fair use

3.1.2. creative commons

3.2. Issues

3.2.1. work/life balance

3.2.2. ethics

3.2.3. privacy

3.2.4. security

3.2.5. digital citizenship

3.3. internet consumer vs internet producer

3.4. Local campus resources

3.4.1. discovery of common campus resources UMOD Email & Groupnames but you can do more! ITCS Duderstadt Libraries

3.4.2. discovery of new resources new resident hall website students can link to their Facebook presence online social / collaboration space what's new with tech on campus?

3.5. Actual research skills

3.5.1. missing from high schools

3.5.2. evaluation of content

3.5.3. plagiarism (unintentional) citation original source materials diversity of sources identifying sources attribution

3.5.4. boolean searching / keywords

3.5.5. advanced web searching

3.5.6. logic precedence of logical operators and/or

3.5.7. critical thinking

4. Type of Tech

4.1. Apple

4.1.1. free licence

4.1.2. apply through educational support group

4.2. Mobile/Cell

4.2.1. faculty/student digital divide

4.2.2. smartphones

4.2.3. iPhone/iTouch/Android

4.2.4. iPad

4.2.5. SEE SoPharm survey

4.2.6. internet accessibility for devices

5. Resources

5.1. Equipment loans

5.1.1. LS&A/ISS cameras equipment

5.1.2. Duderstadt need equivalent service on main campus GROCS

5.2. Enriching Scholarship / TeachTec

5.2.1. doing great work

5.2.2. visibility of all year activities How to create sense of ES as all year activity? How to promote ES collaborations / communities?

5.3. Suggested tools/readings

5.3.1. The Internet and Social Inequalities (book)

5.3.2. EDUCAUSE: The Myth about the Digital Divide (Article) (2006)

5.3.3. U Oregon: Digital divide changing but not for students torn by it (Article) (2010)

5.3.4. Falling through the net (Report) (1999)

5.3.5. The Internet & Social Inequity (Harvard/Berkman web site) (2009)

6. Solutions

6.1. Mentoring

6.2. Scaffolded instruction

6.2.1. learn one, teach one, pass it along

6.3. Clarify in advance what TECH is required for each class

6.3.1. prereqs