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Learn English in the UK by Mind Map: Learn English in the UK
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Learn English in the UK


This is the hardest bit - finding suitable homes in the community - a lot of risks involved  


We could source flights & book tickets but visas would take more time  


How would we go about advertising? Who would be our target market? We could make a promotionalwebsite with videos in Arabic


This could be done in house if necessary - my wife has the skills!


I am guessing this will be a big hurdle. Who would insure us? Would the fees be astronomical?  


Shropshire is ideal for excursions. Previously I have taken sts mountain walking, sea fishing and paintballing.


Age range?


I would like to use the mix of nationalities to our advantage - forcing them to speak English as common language. Lessons could be tied into projects/excursions  

cultural considerations

Opportunities to pray/proximity to mosque for Gulf citizens. I presume only men would be allowed to participate