Three New Tech Tools

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Three New Tech Tools by Mind Map: Three New Tech Tools

1. Picnik

1.1. Purpose:

1.1.1. Edit, Create, Save and Share Photos/Graphics

1.2. Features:

1.2.1. Very simple and easy to use

1.2.2. Crop, rotate, re-size

1.2.3. Edit colors, contrast, exposure, etc.

1.2.4. Add effects, text, “stickers”, frames

1.3. Uses:

1.3.1. Create a picture book to share with parents at open houses

1.3.2. Illustrate short stories & essays with creative images

1.3.3. Make postcards to send to relatives, pen pals, etc.

1.3.4. Illustrate lesson plans and handouts

1.3.5. Create profile photo cards for each student

1.3.6. Make classroom and holiday decorations

2. BibMe

2.1. Purpose:

2.1.1. Allows students to spend more time typing paper, less time typing bibliography

2.2. Features:

2.2.1. Generate a book bibliography by ISBN

2.2.2. Generate a magazine bibliography by article name

2.2.3. Generate a website bibliography by URL

2.2.4. Or enter source information yourself

2.3. Uses:

2.3.1. Automatically generate bibliography information

3. LucidChart

3.1. Purpose:

3.1.1. Online tool to create charts and diagrams

3.2. Features:

3.2.1. Fast

3.2.2. Easy

3.2.3. Web-based

3.3. Uses:

3.3.1. Both teachers and students can create flow-charts, mind maps, diagrams and models.