Task 3 Digital Technology Lesson 4 Overview

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Task 3 Digital Technology Lesson 4 Overview by Mind Map: Task 3 Digital Technology Lesson 4 Overview

1. Topic

1.1. Computational Thinking

1.1.1. Students are organising information into a logical sequence

1.1.2. Aimed at aiding students to compartmentalise the technology use around them and the different purposes it has

2. Curriculum

2.1. Digital systems (hardware and software) are used for an identified purpose (ACTDIK001)

2.1.1. Identifying the various technologies students and their family/friends use and its purpose in their lives

2.1.2. Students create interview questions about classmates' technology use

2.2. Suitable for Year 2 year level

2.3. Present data using a variety of digital tools (ACTDIP003)

2.3.1. Using Poppet, a concept map design app, instead of a list allows for the learner to visualise their thinking digitally

3. Questions

3.1. What Technology do you use?

3.2. What purpose does that technology have?

3.3. How does it enhance our lives?

4. Materials/Resources Required

4.1. iPads/Computers

5. Cross-Curricular Learning

5.1. Maths

5.1.1. Students could tally and graph results of family members/friends

6. Plan

6.1. 1. Students ask friend and family about technology they use in lives

6.2. 2. students record this in a list

6.3. 3. students create a concept map detailing this information in a visual and logical way

6.3.1. https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/popplet/id374151636?mt=8

6.3.2. http://popplet.com

6.4. 4. Students can also describe what each person uses each technology for (purpose)

6.4.1. e.g. Dad uses computer to check emails and do his office work