The Fab Wonderful Journey!

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The Fab Wonderful Journey! by Mind Map: The Fab Wonderful Journey!

1. D-0

1.1. OnBoarded?

1.1.1. Complete On-Boarding

1.1.2. Don't Complete On-Boarding

1.2. Letter Read?

1.2.1. Don't Read Letter

1.2.2. Read Letter

1.3. Goal Accepted?

1.3.1. Accept Goal Drink Water PN: Just before Sleeping, don't forget to put your water bottle next to your bed! Do it now!

1.3.2. D1 CompleteGoal? Complete DrinkWater Don't Complete DrinkWater

1.3.3. Don't Accept Goal Drink Water PUSH: Accept Drink Water Goal to get started on D-0

1.4. Open App Stay on First Screen - Open App Don't complete Signup

1.5. Inbox for ideas

1.5.1. Either get them to change to full screen alarm or have full alarm by default

1.5.2. always provide feedback after each habit complete, and a reminder by night to get ready by putting a watter bottle, do it the first week!

1.5.3. Get them as well to use Voice Coach as fast as possible because it makes it more effective for them

1.5.4. Too many Ritual Skip or Snooze can also be predective of growth

1.5.5. instead of bottle, just a mug is ok

1.5.6. Plenty of notification D-0 to get them to read the letter and accept the first challenge. That's actually your goal for D0: getting them to accept the challenge in any way you can do it!!!