Toontastic - Lesson One

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Toontastic - Lesson One by Mind Map: Toontastic - Lesson One

1. Prior Knowledge

1.1. Previously done story writing in Literacy lessons

1.1.1. They will now use existing knowledge in a new context with a digital focus

1.2. This lesson will be the first use of 'Toontastic' app

1.2.1. Some students may have been exposed to this app at home. Use these students to your advantage

2. Body

2.1. View two videos on the app through 'ToonTube'

2.1.1. Explain that this is a feature which allows the sharing of videos around the world by selecting a location from a 3D globe

2.1.2. Use these to make students aware of success criteria

2.2. Create a story as a class

2.2.1. Modelling correct use of application and its features

2.2.2. Allow narrator prompts to play through, particularly when explaining the concept of the 'Story Arc', (planner)

2.2.3. Use student input to create a scene, characters and music for each frame of the story. Select students for voice recording

2.2.4. View each frame after completion, then view story as a whole

3. Teaching and learning adjustments

3.1. Input from all students

3.2. All students able to express themselves without intimidation or limitation

3.3. Toontastic Jr. is available for less capable students

3.3.1. Extensively guided through narration and includes a simple story layout

4. Introduction

4.1. Mat session

4.1.1. Think Pair Share - What makes a good story?

4.1.2. Discussion as class - Ways stories are told (written, verbally, digitally)

4.1.3. Discuss stories told digitally (films, t.v shows, YouTube...)

4.1.4. Introduce 'Toontastic' app with YouTube video "What's App With That?"

5. Conclusion

5.1. Think Pair Share Discussion

5.1.1. What did you like about the app?

5.1.2. What didn't you like about the app?

5.1.3. EBI (Even Better If...)

6. Rich task at end of learning journey

6.1. Students will use this app to create stories in pairs

6.1.1. They will learn how to plan, design and publish their work online

6.1.2. These will then be shown to peers from another class, followed by students teaching their peers how to use this app

6.2. Later...

6.2.1. Learning will be further developed to introduce editing with the use of 'iMovie'

6.2.2. Possibility of students filming a short trailer for their story on cameras or iPads