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Howling Monkey by Mind Map: Howling Monkey
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Howling Monkey

Kills many organisms causing a loss of biodiversity

Causes deforestation and lots of pollution especially air

Global Warming

Causes insufficient rainfall which is needed in order to thrive

Global warming causes an insufficient amount of rainfall which rainforests need in order to thrive. Causes photosynthesis to decline. Carbon dioxide is not taken from the air causing the unstable temperatures. Large amounts of carbon dioxide is released into the air due to deforestation.  People are clearing out land in order to settle. People are mining in the anazon releasing toxic pollutants. Due to the deforestation of the rainforest there has been an increase in competion for food a.k.a fruits, vegetables, leaves, buds, flowers, and nuts.    

Causes photosynthesis to decline causing an increase in carbon dioxide and many plants to die


Causes an increas in carbon dioxide

Causes monkeys to lose precious habitat and die

Howling monkeys live in pack and need lots of space and because their habitat is being destroyed many are dying

Human Settlement/Development


The rainforest absobs a lot of pollution like a buffer or pollution sink.

Most pollution is casued by people

Air pollution here has risen 38% due to the massive amounts of carbon dioxide


Howling monkeys are herbivores meaning they do not eat meat

Because of the lowering amount of plantlife there has been much more competition for food