Enrollment MSc Delta Management (VHL)

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Enrollment MSc Delta Management (VHL) by Mind Map: Enrollment MSc Delta Management (VHL)

1. Other international bachelors

2. Grading Plan

2.1. Final exam

2.2. Research

2.3. Attendance

3. Bachelor LWM

3.1. Competentie 1: Inventariseren, analyseren en waarderen van het landschap

3.2. Competentie 2: Rekenen aan grond en water

3.3. Competentie 3: Duurzaam inrichten met water en grond

3.4. Competentie 4: Projectmatig werken

3.5. Competentie 5: Realiseren, monitoren en beheren van grond- en waterwerken

3.6. Competentie 6: Praktijkgericht onderzoeken

4. MSc Delta Management

4.1. System analysis

4.1.1. Fluvial hydrosystems a-biota River morphology Geo-hydrology biota Aquatic fauna Aquatic flora

4.1.2. Estuaries & marine systems a-biota Tidal zone; morphodynamics biota Tidal zone; ecological networks

4.2. Challenges with water resources

4.2.1. Floods Causes of floods; traditional engineering solutions

4.2.2. Water & Food Causes of water scarcity; traditional solutions

4.2.3. Water pollution Causes of pollution; traditional solutions

4.2.4. Water & health Water borne diseases Mosquito-Borne Diseases

4.3. Sustainable water resources management

4.3.1. Clean tech Technological innovations dealing with water resources challenges

4.3.2. Smart engineering Civil engineering innovations dealing with water resources challenges

4.4. Management of delta & resources

4.4.1. River basin management Handbook IWRM for river basins

4.4.2. Coast & sea management in overleg met David & Paddy

4.5. Thesis

5. optional: introduction courses