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Trash by Mind Map: Trash

1. Settings

1.1. Behala

1.1.1. Around 200 football pitches big or 1000 basket ball courts

1.2. School

1.3. TrainStation

1.3.1. Train Kids

1.4. Police Station

1.4.1. Raphael got beaten there

1.5. Prison

1.5.1. Millions Of Cages

1.6. Appartment

1.7. Navaro Sementery

2. Characters

2.1. Raphael Fernandez

2.1.1. He is 14 years old

2.1.2. Gardo is his best friend

2.1.3. Raphael wears a hacked-off jeans and a big T-shirt

2.2. Gardo

2.2.1. Rafael is his best friend, although, he thinks he is like a kid because he is laughing playing, thinking everything is fun and that its a game.

2.2.2. He is 14 but he is 7 hours older than Raphael

2.2.3. People say he is very serious

2.2.4. He lied to Olivia to go with her to the prison

2.3. Rat

2.3.1. His real name is Jun-Jun, he is around 10 years old, and he has no family

2.3.2. He lives with the rats

2.3.3. He has a high little voise, his arms are as skinny as pencils, his teeth are broken

2.4. Father Juliard

2.4.1. The director of The Mission School

2.5. Police Oficers

2.5.1. Killed Jose Anjelico

2.5.2. Want the bag with the letter

2.5.3. They beaten Raphael for information of the bag

2.6. Jose Angelico

2.6.1. Owner of the bag

2.6.2. He was once an orphan but the he was adopted by Dante Jerome Olondriz, son of Gabriel Olondriz. Although, he has an 8 years old girl called Pia Dante. Jose had also a boy who died very joung

2.6.3. He had been working for 18 years as a houseboy for the vise president

2.6.4. Jose had been arrested on suspicion of a major crime. He had been accused of robbing 6 million dollars to the vise predident

2.6.5. He is 33 years old and he lives at Green Hills

2.6.6. Grace describes him as a honest, kind, gentle, and trustworthy person

2.6.7. He wrote every year to Gabriel Olondriz

2.6.8. He supposedly stole money from Senator Zapantana in a fridege

2.7. Gabriel Olondriz

2.7.1. Colva Prison

2.7.2. Father of Dante Jerome Olondriz

2.7.3. Once he worked as an unpaid worker

2.7.4. He was very sick at the prison

2.7.5. When Gardo told that Jose Angelico wrote him a letter which was wanted by the police and that Jose had been killed by police oficers, Gabriel got a combultion

2.7.6. He wanted to blame the vise president of steeling 30,000 dollars that were supposed to be for the school and for Behala people.

2.7.7. His house got in fire killing the evidence, his maid and driver

2.7.8. He went to jail for presenting "false evidence"

2.8. Grace

2.8.1. Maid of the vise president Senator Zapantana

2.9. Senator Zapanta

2.9.1. Vise president

2.9.2. Got steeled by Jose angelico

2.9.3. May be corrupt

2.10. Olivia

2.10.1. An unpaid worker at The Mission School

2.10.2. Gardo lied to her so he could go with her to the prison and go to talk to Gabriel Olondriz

2.10.3. She finally went home with all the things she learnt at Mexico

2.11. Federico Gonz

2.11.1. Works at the Navaro Cementery doing grave memorials

2.11.2. He met Jose Anjelico and he made the grave to jose's son

2.11.3. Federico helped to bury "Pia Dante" although Pia Dante might also be alive

3. Problems

3.1. Lie

3.1.1. Raphael lying to the police of not having the bag

3.1.2. Raphael lying to officers that he knew nothing about the bag

3.1.3. Gardo Lying to Olivia so he could go to prison

3.2. Poverty

3.3. Actions

3.3.1. The police are searching for them everywhere

4. Actions

4.1. Find the Bag And hide it with Rat

4.2. Deside to go to find the locker

4.3. Lie to Olivia and go to jail to talk to to Gabriel Olondriz

4.4. Get the Bible

4.5. Escape from the police and go to find something at the graveyard

5. Themes

5.1. Poverty

5.2. Coruption

5.3. Pain

5.4. Mistery

5.5. Confution

5.6. Morals/Morality

5.7. Perseverance

5.8. Lies