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Aladdin by Mind Map: Aladdin

1. Genie

1.1. I am connected to Abu, Jasmine, Sultan, Aladdin, and Jafar. Aladdin is my master and my best pal. Jasmine is nice and the Sultan is a funny little man. Jafar is a great at being EVIL! He wants to take me from Aladdin and greed clouds his judgement.

2. Abu

2.1. I am connected to Genie, Aladdin, and Jasmine. Aladdin is my best friend and master, Genie likes to play jokes on me and turn me into an Elephant, and Jasmine is trying to steal my best friend away...but she's pretty cool.

3. Jasmine

3.1. I am connected to the Sultan, Aladdin, Genie, Abu, and Jafar. I am the princess and the Sultan is my father. I ran away and met Aladdin and then find out he has a Genie. Genie is my friend and Aladdin has an elephant/money that is funny. Jafar wants to marry me but he is as old as my father. All I want is a whole new world.

4. Sultan

4.1. I am connected to Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, and Iago. My daughter Princess Jasmine is my most priceless thing in my life. Aladdin is a "prince" that comes to ask me for her hand in marriage. Jafar is my adviser and is too old to marry my daughter. I do love that parrot of his, he always wants more crackers.

5. Jafar

5.1. I am connected to everyone because I hate everyone, except maybe my fool bird Iago. Aladdin stole the lamp from me and the Sultan is an idiot. I must have Jasmine as my wife ad rule all the world!

6. Iago

6.1. I am connected to Jafar, Sultan, and Aladdin. I am Jafar's evil parrot and I love doing bad deeds. I despise the Sultan and HATE crackers being stuffed in my mouth. Some day I will see how he likes it.