Pacific Planning (draft)

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Pacific Planning (draft) by Mind Map: Pacific Planning (draft)

1. Climing Wall

2. Rewards for local shops

3. Goals

3.1. Community Service

3.1.1. Neighborhood cleanup

3.1.2. Non-Profit service

3.1.3. Park surveillance

3.1.4. Park cleanup

3.2. Youth/Senior relationships

3.3. Youth facilities and events

3.3.1. Youth Activity Facility Arcade Internet Cafe

3.4. Job training

3.4.1. OJT

3.4.2. Public talks

3.4.3. Incubator for startups

4. Youth Program

4.1. Rewards

4.1.1. Gamification as reward Badges and titles to reward involved citizens Rewards for local events Rewards for Online shops

5. Business Program

5.1. Co-op and speciality online

5.2. Hiking, biking and equestrian

5.3. Tiny Home building company

5.4. City run business?

5.4.1. Tiny Home building company

5.4.2. Co-op and speciality online

5.5. Startup and Tech businesses

5.5.1. Work/Live facilities

5.5.2. Low cost housing

5.5.3. Broadband Free

6. Infrastructure

6.1. Community Resources

6.1.1. Youth Center

6.1.2. Free Wifi

6.1.3. Maker Space

6.1.4. Roads

6.1.5. Rental equipment Bike Rental Maintenance equipment party rental

6.1.6. City Hall sign

6.1.7. Calendar

6.1.8. Public transportation

7. Community

7.1. Tiny Home Village

7.1.1. Change code To what?

7.1.2. move in checklist publish for use

7.1.3. Build types Outside city Large plots In City Programs

7.1.4. Community involvment Gardens Prep Plant Harvest Upkeep Market sales Donation upkeep Ring Leaders promoters band waggon builders cleanup crew events Carnival Market Rodeo Concerts? Railroad Days Cruise Night government Slack Forum Alderman Meetings mgmt Leaders Local Meet-ups specialists trainees volunteers Non-Profit groups

7.2. Restoration Crew

7.2.1. private fix up crews For Profit

7.2.2. Community Crew Subsidized Youth event credits Business ads