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Record Label by Mind Map: Record Label
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Record Label

What will the official name be?


Why would I want Rufus on the team?

Promotions - Booking Tours

I don't need him on the papers for that; I can pay him commission instead

Am I setting up ownership just to pay taxes on it?

How likely is it that a grant would be given?

If I wasn't going to do a recording studio and I was just going to do a record label; what would I need to do?

How do I make it official?

Where would I find contracts for artists to sign?

What are the best contracts and deals? What would be the best

What services will my Record Label offer to artists who sign with us?

Website Creation

Social Media

Custom .com


Through MDI


Recording costs are borne by artists, not record companies. Record companies commonly make loans to artists (all-in advances) for these costs and recoup them from royalties.

What knowledge do I lack?

How to make money from Record Label

How can I develop relationships with the local Radio Stations?

Name drop @ 95.5

Dawn Shekainarox O'Brien

National Music Director Board of Salem Media.

Send my CD to Jack Waters @ 1160 No.King St., HNL 96817.

Send my CD to Dave Serone

What contacts do I need?

Beat maker


Accountant for Taxes and Business stuff

Nick Abbot

Record Label Lawyer


What do I need to do to make it into a reality


Business Card

Business Plan

Artists I'm helping with their albums

Bambi Brock

Recording Studio I can send my artists to


What are the best ways to market artists music?

Music Distribution Inc

ReverbNation // CDBaby



Whole Foods

What companies do the actual distribution?

Ask Culture

Who are some artists I'd like to sign?

Bambi Brock

What's a fair percentage of album sales to get from artists?

How do I want to run this?

Finding them, getting them into the studio, helping them with recording and getting an engineer to have a percentage of the album sales as well

What are the next steps?

Identify the equipment we need and send to Martin

Is Voyager Music the Record Label I'm suppose to be with?

I'm already a part of it

How can I get other artists signed with them?


If I help them selflessly I believe God will promote me, and... if I help them I'll learn it incredibly for myself and for my future record label if it's necessary because I can invest in other artists and help them out for half of their cut but perhaps thats not even the way to do it but if they need that service i can do that and depending on the person I could make a living

What equipment do I need?


dude thats a great mic but If you got 10 gs get the neumann u87 ai, run it through an avalon preamp and get a m-audio fast track ultra audio interface, to connect to your computer and as for software you cant go wrong with the waves mercury bundle that setup is what the pros use and u cant go wrong with that setup. Dave Rothbard also get a custom pc with TONS OF RAM AND A POWERFUL PRCESSOR AND YOU WILL BE ALL GOOD


I would just buy Native Instruments Komplete 7 and allocate the other $3K to the CPU rig. Neumann U87 paired with the Avalon 737SP Mic Preamp would be the envy of any Hip Hop Studio... And since I already have the 2nd best hip hop mic, the AKG, I'd go with the Neumann. The Avalon 737 has been used in hip hop for years Don't by a booth yet until we know exactly where the studio is going and what size the booth should be... Essential Component though for a professional sound. The pro tools rig needs to be serious: Pro Tools HD with HD Cards Macintosh Pro Desktop Apogee Audio Card is the best for AD / DA conversion... but the Fireface 800 that I have is the best "bang for the buck." Apogee is in a league of their own. Blue Sky Reference Speakers MAudio Axiom MIDI Controller High End Cables and Connectors\