What is at the center of Huckleberry Finn chapters 8-11

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What is at the center of Huckleberry Finn chapters 8-11 by Mind Map: What is at the center of Huckleberry Finn chapters 8-11

1. Chapter 8

1.1. I spare Miss Watson's Jim

1.2. "Well, I warn't long making him understand I warn't dead. I was ever so glad to see Jim. I warn't lonesome now. I told him I warn't afraid of HIM telling the people where I was. I talked along, but he only set there and looked at me; never said nothing." (8.25)

1.3. Huck fakes his murder and runs away, and finally meets Jim, the runaway slave.

2. Chapter 9

2.1. The House of Death Floats by

2.2. "It's a dead man. Yes, indeedy; naked, too. He's ben shot in de back. I reck'n he's ben dead two er three days. Come in, Huck, but doan' look at his face—it's too gashly." (9.18)

2.3. Jim and Huck find a canoe and go down the river, finding a house floating. They go inside and Jim figures its Hucks father so he lies an tells him that he's been dead for a couple of days now.

3. Chapter 10

3.1. What comes of handli'n snake-skin

3.2. "It's YOU, at last!—AIN'T it?" I out with a "Yes'm" before I thought. (10.8, 10.9)

3.3. Huck disguises himself as a little girl to find out what the towns doing and how they're reacting to the disappearance of Jim and the death of Huck.

4. Chapter 11

4.1. They're after us!

4.2. "What did you say your name was, honey?" "M—Mary Williams." "Honey, I thought you said it was Sarah when you first come in?" "Oh, yes'm, I did. Sarah Mary Williams. Sarah's my first name. Some calls me Sarah, some calls me Mary." (11.30, 11.31, 11.33, 11.34)

4.3. The woman becomes suspicious and starts testing Huck to see if he's a girl or a boy and Huck fails all of the tests and she finds out she's a boy. But Huck finds out everything he needed to know about what there going to do about Huck, Jim, and Pap.