Pinwen Cai's Teaching Philosophy

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Pinwen Cai's Teaching Philosophy by Mind Map: Pinwen Cai's Teaching Philosophy

1. What I believe the teacher covers...

1.1. 1. an interesting person

1.1.1. Teaching Style to be a leader and facilitator for a learner-centered classroom

1.1.2. The Charms of learning a language

1.1.3. The Five C's Commnication interaction Cultures the five dimensions Connections Comparisons Communities

1.2. 2. The Art of Control

1.2.1. Balance four domains Listening, reading, speaking and writing. lexical, grammar, and pronunciation forms and meaning the needs of students. the requirements of curriculum.

1.2.2. changing second language acquisition input-noticing-intake-interlanguage system-output

1.3. 3. Assess Everything

1.3.1. Explore deeper needs

1.3.2. treat standardized-tests

1.3.3. build the confidence as teachers classroom management time allocation

1.3.4. Flexible and creative Feedback

1.4. 4. An educator and researcher

1.4.1. Human Resource in institutional settings focus on the Five C's

1.4.2. Basic research qualities a critical theory for improving teaching quantitative research qualitative research

1.4.3. Teacher education Literature Review workshop micro-teaching classroom observation and field notes