Leeds Beckett Staff Intranet

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Leeds Beckett Staff Intranet by Mind Map: Leeds Beckett Staff Intranet

1. Services & Faculties

1.1. CARES

1.1.1. About

1.1.2. Service Bookings Portering Hospitality Conferencing, Meetings and Events Short stay accommodation

1.1.3. Campus Services Cleaning Postal Services Security Print Room Food courts & coffee bars

1.1.4. Merchandise

1.1.5. CARES Helpdesk

1.1.6. Licensing

1.2. Estates

1.2.1. About Management Team Profiles Policies and strategies Master plan

1.2.2. Sustainability Waste and recycling Travel & Transport Public Transport First Bus Metro Card Driving Cycling

1.2.3. Space Planning Planon

1.2.4. Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

1.2.5. Projects Projects

1.2.6. Systems Plannon Support

1.2.7. Help Desks Maintenance Requests Car Parking Online Helpdesk

1.2.8. Maintenance Maintenance

1.3. Finance

1.3.1. About Financial Services A-Z

1.3.2. Financial Control Corporate Assurance Financial Regulations and Procedures Insurance Cover and Claims Incomes Cash Handling Course-tuition fee payment Invoicing Online Store Petty Cash Card payments Online Payments Payments Procurement Cards Staff Expenses and Travel Forms and Guidance Procurement Agresso for buying goods and services Approved Suppliers Financial Regulations Waiver Request Pricing and Costing Steering Group

1.3.3. Financial Planning and Reporting Financial Accounting Account Code Guidance Tax Guidance TRAC TRAC Returns Management Accounting Project Codes Research and Enterprise Finance Team

1.3.4. Financial Systems Agresso

1.4. Governance & Legal Affairs - just a landing page needed

1.4.1. Corporate Governance CPR Safety Equality and Diversity Committee Chair's Committee Board of Governors Audit Committee Risk Advisory Group Governance and Nominations Committee Committee Elections Safety, Health and Wellbeing Committee Senior Staff Renumeration Committee Tier 4 Compliance Group Information Governance Steering Group Finance, Staffing and Resource Committee SAS - Student Access Steering Group Training Committee Calendars

1.4.2. Student Case Work Academic Appeals Student Discipline Student Complaints Criminal Record Checks

1.4.3. Academic Governance Academic Board Academic Quality and Standard Committee Academic Governance Sub-Committee Faculty Board Honorary Boards Committee Research Ethics Sub-Committee Research and Enterprise Committee Committee Elections Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee External Examiners Sub Committee Research Degrees Sub Committee Training Committee Calendars

1.4.4. Compliance & Legal Contract Storage Anti-Bribery Policy Freedom of Information Data Protection Legal Services Training

1.4.5. About

1.5. Human Resources

1.5.1. About Meet the Team & Who to Contact People Strategy

1.5.2. Joining Us Before you get here Settling In Induction Probation

1.5.3. Recruitment & Selection Recruitment & Selection Guidance Disclosure & Barring Service Eligibility to work in the UK Part-time Lecturer Guidance Employment of Casual Workers Jobs at Leeds Beckett Associate Staff Card

1.5.4. People Development (link to current people development pages(

1.5.5. Working Here Employment Terms & Conditions Payments and Allowances Employment Contracts Working Time Leave and Absence Pay & Reward Auto Enrolment Long Service Awards Employee Benefits Pay and Reward Payroll information Pensions Childcare Vouchers Cycle to work Scheme Achieving Excellence Awards Equality & Diversity Equality and Diversity Religion and Belief Equality Group Faith No Faith Leeds Gender Equality Group Mediation Service Race Equality Diversity Forum Athena Swan LGBT Equality Group Equality Impact Assessment Dignity and Respect Network Disability Equality Action Group Carers' Network Management Information Itrent Support Staffing Reports and Statistics Itrent self-service Staff HESA Return Guidance Sickness Absence Academic Role Framework Part-time Lecturers Leaving our University A-Z Guides & Support HR & Payroll Forms Join Consultative Committee Safety, Health & Wellbeing Safety, Health & Wellbeing Safety, Health and Wellbeing A-Z Occupational Health Working Overseas Online Courses Lunchtime Walking Club Managing Stress Counselling and Legal Advice Performance Development Review Valuing Our People

1.6. ITS

1.6.1. About

1.6.2. IT Corporate Service Catalogue Programme office Current Projects Project Dashboard StART Programme IT Governance IT Policies IT Security Social Responsibility

1.6.3. IT Help IT Service Desk and Support Services Staff IT Service Desk Media Equipment Loans IT Support Services Need to access a system? IT Services Notifications Email Email at Work Set up email on your own device Email FAQs Important information about our email service Getting connected with your own device Connecting to our Wi-Fi Accessing our services Business mobile phone? Software A-Z of software Installed software Additional software requirements Software for home use Software FAQs Your account Usernames and passwords Services you can access with your university IT account New staff Printing, Copying and Scanning Find a printer How to install a printer on your computer How to use our printers Print champions Consumables Associate staff printing How much do we print, copy and scan at Leeds Beckett University? Save-O-Meter Corporate Applications Skype for Business Purchasing IT Equipment IT Training Courses we currently offer Request training Online training courses IT Recycling Teaching Spaces IT Security

1.7. Centre for Learning & Teaching

1.7.1. Developing staff

1.7.2. Developing curricula

1.7.3. Digital Development

1.7.4. Events separate event pages underneath

1.7.5. Resources

1.7.6. Projects separate project pages

1.7.7. Meet the team (*not a subheading, page linked from

1.7.8. Golden Robes

1.8. Libraries and Learning Innovation

1.8.1. About

1.9. Marketing

1.9.1. Services Video Production Photography Booking Graduation Events Alumni Relations Communications Marketing for Facilities and Services Market Research Partner Engagement

1.9.2. Publications Prospectus Production The Bulletin LS126 Staff Magazine Online Prospectus Feedback

1.9.3. How Tos / Guides Letterheads and Compliment Slips Website Amendments and Updates Business Cards Design and Print Service Branded Templates and Guidelines Staff Packs for Overseas Visits Social Media Channels

1.10. Quality Assurance

1.10.1. About

1.10.2. Key Information The Education Strategy Annual Monitoring, Review and Enhancement Validation, Mid-cycle Review and Periodic Review Regulatory Review and Current Consultations External Examiners Student Progression and Award Mitigation Academic Integrity Course and Module Handbooks Course Specifications Studnt Engagement and Published Information

1.10.3. Templates

1.10.4. External Examiners

1.10.5. Collaboration and Partnerships Partner Approval Approval of Collaborative Provision Collaborative Delivery Framework Training and Resources for Deans of School Published Information About

1.10.6. Staff Training and Resources Training and Resources for Deans of School Training and Resources for Course Leaders Training and Resources for Module Leaders Training and Resources for Professional Support Staff Training and Resources for Link Tutors

1.10.7. Academic Regulations & Procedural Guidance

1.11. Registry

1.11.1. Student calendars

1.11.2. Operational Planning

1.11.3. Data Reports External Reporting

1.11.4. Student records Withdrawals (student finance) Banner how to guides Student systems report Results online

1.11.5. Training

1.11.6. Student Applications and admissions

1.11.7. Tier 4 compliance

1.11.8. Timetabling

1.11.9. Awards & Examinations

1.11.10. About

1.12. University Research Office

1.12.1. Funding About us Funding Systems and Proceses Research Impact Useful links and documents FAQs News and Events

1.12.2. Research Supervisors About us Application Process Meeting Guidance Ethics Guidance Confirmation of Registration Annual Progression Making Requests to the Committee Final year/writing up

1.12.3. Researcher Development About us Professional Development Opportunties Supervision Developing your Students HR Excellence in Research Epigeum Vitae

1.12.4. About

1.13. Strategic Planning Support Service

1.13.1. Continuous Improvement Unit Our Blog Tools & Techniques Our Events Services we can offer Meet the Team Testimonials Useful Links

1.13.2. Planning & Projects Team

1.13.3. Strategic Planning Framework

1.13.4. Strategic Planning Process

1.13.5. Customer Service Excellence (CSE)

1.13.6. Project Management Framework

1.13.7. Student Access, Support and Success Steering Group (SASS)

1.13.8. About

1.14. Services for Students

1.14.1. Resources for Staff Welcome and Induction Student Surveys NSS (National Student Survey) Report a student concern Mindfulness When to refer Partnerships Student pregnancy policy Safeguarding

1.14.2. Employability Student skills Student opportunities

1.14.3. Supporting our students Money Disability Advice Student Wellbeing Multi faith space Student Hub Student International Advice Disability assessment centre Student Liaison Officers

1.14.4. Surveys NSS DLHE PTES Student Barometer ISB (Historic)

1.14.5. About

1.15. Arts, Environment & Technology

1.16. Business & Law

1.17. Carnegie

1.18. Health & Social Sciences

1.19. Distance Learning Unit

1.19.1. About

1.19.2. Meet the team

1.19.3. Academic Instructional Design Support

1.19.4. Operations and Marketing Support

1.19.5. Strategic Support and Research

1.20. Sport & Active Lifestyles

1.20.1. About

1.21. International Office

1.21.1. About

1.21.2. Overseas visits

1.22. Enterprise Services

1.22.1. Business Development

1.22.2. Knowledge transfer partnerships

1.22.3. Enterprise and Innovation Hubs

1.22.4. Enterprise and Innovation Academy

1.22.5. Enterprise and activity generating centres

1.22.6. Strategic Projects Team

1.22.7. Subsidiaries

1.22.8. Key Strategic Partnerships

1.22.9. University Business Centres

2. Working Here

2.1. Financial & Legal

2.1.1. Counselling and Legal Advice

2.1.2. Employee Benefits - Financial & Legal

2.2. Health & Wellbeing

2.2.1. Employee Benefits - Health & Wellbeing

2.2.2. Safety, Health and Wellbeing

2.2.3. Safety, Health and Wellbeing A-Z

2.3. IT Support

2.3.1. Conference and Events AV Support

2.3.2. iPrint

2.3.3. Language Support

2.3.4. Multimedia Services

2.3.5. Telephones

2.3.6. Video and Telephone conferencing

2.4. Lifestyle

2.4.1. Employee Benefits - Lifestyle

2.4.2. Dignity and Respect Network

2.4.3. Disability Action Group

2.5. Pay and Rewards

2.5.1. Achieving Excellence Awards

2.5.2. Childcare Vouchers

2.5.3. Employee Benefits

2.5.4. Employment Terms & Conditions

2.5.5. Employment Terms & Conditions - Employment Contracts

2.5.6. Payroll Information

2.5.7. Pensions

2.6. Policies

2.6.1. Employment Terms & Conditions - Leave and Absence

2.7. Travel & Transport

2.7.1. Employee Benefits - Travel & Transport

2.7.2. Cycle to Work Scheme

2.7.3. Cycling

2.7.4. Driving

2.7.5. First Bus and Metro Card

2.7.6. Public Transport

2.7.7. Travel and Transport

3. News & Events

4. Our University

4.1. Facilities

4.2. City Campus

4.3. Headingley Campus

5. Key

5.1. In Progress

5.2. Complete