Socratic Dialouge

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Socratic Dialouge by Mind Map: Socratic Dialouge

1. Thrasymachus: What is justice? The interest of the stronger.

2. Socrates: What does "stronger" mean?

3. T: Interest of the stronger ruler.

4. S: So what if the ruler makes a bad law? This leads to injustice.

5. T: ...

6. Euthyphro: Prosecuting the evil

7. Socrates: What's the generic definition of the concept- holiness (piety)?

8. E: Holiness is what's loved by the gods

9. S: Well, don't the gods disagree on certain things?

10. E: Yes, but the gods all love justice.

11. S: Which comes first- holiness or being love by the gods?

12. E: ...

13. S: Let me help you- holiness is a part of justice, right? Well then, what is justice?

14. E: Providing a service or benefit to the gods.

15. S: But what can we give the gods? They are flawless, are they not? Isn't a sacrifice just giving to the gods what they gave us?