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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. Components

1.1. Fluid Intelligence

1.1.1. This is the ability to take in and learn information quickly. I feel that the quicker you are able to learn the more information you will take in. I think that the rate you take in information can affect you intelligence greatly.

1.2. Crystalized Intelligence

1.2.1. This is knowledge you have learned from school and social setting that you are in. Everyone learns things while in school and in other envrionments and I think that this important to understand because some people can be book smart and be thought to be intelligent, while others might be smart in their careers and they also can be seen as intelligent.

1.3. Multiple Intelligence

1.3.1. This is the theory that there are seven and now maybe even eight different types of intelligences. I feel that this play a huge role in intelligence. Learners need to meet thier individual learning needs inorder to gain knowledge and intelligence.

1.4. The role of the environment

1.4.1. This is how your knowledge and intelligence is effected by the environment. I think that the environment plays a big part in how you learn, understand, reason and problem solve things. I also feel that you react differently in different situations.

1.5. Role of prior experiences

1.5.1. This is how a person reacts to new and old situations. I think that prior experiences play a big role in intelligence. The more experiences a person has the large their bank of information is to draw on. I also think that have a wide variety of experiences help people deal better with new situations.

2. How children acquire intelligence

2.1. I feel that children acquire intelligence in a few different ways. I think that genetics do play a large part in intelligence. I think that children are born with some of their learning abilities.

2.2. I feel that the environment a child is raised in plays another huge part in children aquiring knowledge. If a child is raised in a good learning environment they will pick up a lot more knowledge and understand things easier and quicker. If parents are providing an engaging and stimulating environment I feel that the child will have a lot higher intelligence level.

2.3. I feel that experiences also play a big role in intelligence levels. The more experiences that a child has the more knowledge they will have and the easier they will be able to adapt to new situations. I also think that the more experiences that a child has the more information they have to draw on and make connections too.

3. Definition

3.1. Intelligence to me is what the brain knows, understands and is able to do. This includes what you are able to learn, how you communicate, how you reason and problem solve. I also feel that the rate that a person is able to learn reflects their intelligence level.