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Senior Seminar by Mind Map: Senior Seminar

1. Outline1.0

1.1. Premising Facts

1.1.1. Festivals No. of festivals Major Sources of Polutoin Band Fans % are remote Breakdown in Size

1.2. Problem

1.2.1. Concerts should be Green/ have green options to be...

1.3. Solution

1.3.1. Leadership Artists Young People

1.3.2. Mobile Green Power Technological Storage Options Fuel Options Green Power Source Options Must replace existing power supply perfectlyor better. Mobility Financials Revenue Sources Marketing Key Markets Target Clients Selling Points

1.3.3. Carpooling

1.3.4. Busses

1.3.5. Venues near Train Stops

2. Outline 1.2

2.1. Music Industry

2.1.1. Intro Already hurting Clearly defined segments Demand for Greener Products New paradigm The Fan must be calculated as part of the industry especially Exact USA info not known only can be compared to existing studies in UK x multiplier Walmart Sustainability INDEX Future of US destribution side demand for sustainability. Why is walmart doing this?

2.1.2. Recording & Publishing CD Manufacturing Packaging Promotion Management Artists Play critical roll in demanding green alternatives for their tours/performances/Cds

2.1.3. Live Performances venues S M Arena Tours Artist buss/ plane Show equipment Green Leaders Festivals Green Leaders Bonaroo New node

2.2. Overall USA industry has no "green association" measuring and advising the full industry as a whole like JB in the UK.