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describing the needs and opportunities of individual or community users within the selected design area

evaluating how well existing products and graphical representations meet needs, and identifying possible improvements

explaining the design problem

investigating design factors by accessing information from primary sources (e.g. interviews with users, surveys) and secondary sources (e.g. books, existing graphical products, other designers) to understand the nature of the design problem

analysing the graphical conventions for the design area and the design problem

analysing graphical representations that could be used for the design area and the design problem

developing a design brief from the design problem

establishing criteria based on the design factors to evaluate the quality of ideas, solutions and graphical products

Developing ideas

generating and representing ideas (e.g. annotated sketches and drawings)

evaluating ideas in relation to the design criteria

collecting data and information through research and testing to progress and evaluate ideas and inform the selection of a solution

selecting and refining a solution to satisfy design criteria and justify decisions

evaluating the proposed solution

Producing graphical products

Graphical Products: The range of graphical representations that demonstrate both the development of ideas and design solutions.

producing sketches and drawings for a particular audience and purpose

managing the production of the graphical representations

evaluating the proposed graphical representations against the design criteria

making and justifying decisions to modify the graphical representations

evaluating and describing how the final solution and graphical products meet the design criteria

making and justifying recommendations for improvements to design processes and graphical products