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Grade 12 by Mind Map: Grade 12
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Grade 12



Preparation for Calculus

Limits and their properties


Applications of differentiation


Logarithmic, Exponential, and other transcendental functions

Applications of integration

Integration techniques, L'Hopital's rule, and improper integrals

Infinite series

Conics, parametric equations and polar coordinates

Vectors and the geometry of space

Vector-valued functions

Functions of several variables

Multiple integration

Vector analysis

AP Biology

Units, I- The life of the cell, II- Cellular reproduction and genetics, III- Concepts of evolution, IV- The evolution of biological diversity, V- Animals: Form and function, VI- Plants: Form and function, VII- Ecology

Social Sciences

Human Geography

Teacher: Mrs Quinn

Book: Introduction to human geography by James Rubenstein

Agriculture, The study of how humans exploit their direct environment

Thinking geographically, Why do we use physical geography in every aspect of life?

Industry, The secondary sector, why when and where it is applied.

Services, The tertiary sector, why when and where it is applied.

Languages, The origin and outcome of every spoken language.

Religion, The foundation of religions, wether universalized or ethnic.

Population, Where are people distributed on earth and why are they positioned in specific patterns.

Migration, The movement of humans within planet earth.

Folk and Pop culture, How are folk and popular culture practiced in the US and by whom.

Ethnicity, Differences between ethnicity and race, and the different subdivisions of eaach of the following.

Political Geography, How states are defined and who monitors the behavior of different countries.

Development, Where are More Devlopped Countries and Less Developped Countries located on earth and why.

Urban patterns, The different structures of urban regions.

Resource issues, How and why ressources are being depleted, polluted, reused and conserved



AP English


Literary analysis

"Tuesdays with Morrie"

"City of Joy"

"Palace walk"



Mr. Najbor

Help organize and manage events around school campus.

Aid staff members in any way.

Studied racism.

Speech and writing

Mrs. Quinn

College essay writing

How to present

Article summary writing



The foundations of music

The different types of music

Musical instruments

Musical performance

Physical Education


Team sports, Rugby, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Volleyball

Individual sports, Height jump, Shotput, Long jump, 100, 200 meter run