What can be done about Global warming

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What can be done about Global warming by Mind Map: What can be done about Global warming

1. Education

1.1. Awareness

1.1.1. Teach citizens the importance of our environment, and how issues caused by global warming could have dramatic consequences

1.2. Schools

1.2.1. Raise children on the idea of saving energy whenever possible

1.2.2. Teach students about the importance of green energy and how ignorance can shape our future

1.2.3. Be a role model for students and their parents by using green energy

2. Travel

2.1. Car

2.1.1. Examples Drive a fuel efficient car or put your car on eco mode Use electric cars Carpool with your friends

2.1.2. Advantages Convenient to use most of the time Private Available 24/7 Can be used to get places fast

2.1.3. Disadvantages Might be expensive to repair any damage done to the car Expensive to fill with fuel Increases carbon emissions

2.2. Cycle

2.2.1. Examples Cycle to near places Cycle to work Use a bicycle instead of going to the gym to cycle

2.2.2. Advantages Good for your health - keeps you fit and gets your muscular Saves money on anything you would spend on usually while using motor vehicles Reduces carbon emissions Can be used for middle to semi-long journeys

2.2.3. Disadvantages Might be expensive to get a decent bicycle, and if so, it could be expensive to maintain it regularly Weather might be unsuitable for cycling - too hot or too cold, or rainy or snowy. Often can be tiring for most people Not as quick as cars

2.3. Walk

2.3.1. Examples Walk instead of using a treadmill Walk to the supermarket Walk to school if it's near

2.3.2. Advantages Good for your health - keeps you fit Saving money on public transportation fares, fuel and car maintenance Less carbon emissions

2.3.3. Disadvantages Not ideal for far destinations Weather might be unsuitable for walking Often can be tiring for most people

2.4. Use public transportation

2.4.1. Examples Take the bus to school Take the metro to wherever you want to go Take the tram to close destinations

2.4.2. Disadvantages Often inconvenient for people to use, as it has specific timings Might be crowded It is possible to catch disease from somebody on them

2.4.3. Advantages Public transport is cheap and efficient. Less traffic jam Less carbon emissions Metros can be used to get places faster in rush hours Reduced number of motor accidents

3. Home

3.1. Electricity

3.1.1. Unplug appliances that are not in use currently Advantages Save lots of energy and money on bills Reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions drastically Disadvantages Not all devices have a quick startup system, so some might be inconvenient to unplug and turn on all the time Some appliances don't function properly if turned on and off repeatedly Unplug microwave when not in use, as it usually uses the most energy of all appliances that are in homes. You can use something other than the microwave clock to check the time

3.1.2. Switch to solar power Advantages Save money on electricity bills No carbon emissions Don't require much maintenance after initial installation Disadvantages Does not generate electricity at night Expensive to buy Does not generate as much electricity when pointed away from the sun, or on cloudy days

3.2. Lighting

3.2.1. Switch off lights in rooms that are empty

3.2.2. Use energy efficient bulbs Advantages They save you money on electricity bills and buying new bulbs They last longer than usual bulbs Produce brighter light for the same amount of energy They don't produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs, therefore reducing the need for A/C Disadvantages They only come in white usually, which might be irritating for some people Need professional installation, since lamps that use incandescent light bulbs cannot take fluorescent ones at the moment, and need to be rewired They can flicker sometimes, making them annoying for people

3.3. General things

3.3.1. Use a clothes line to dry laundry instead of a dryer Advantages Save money on electricity bills Reduce carbon emissions Air the clothing Disadvantages Clothes don't dry as fast Might not be ideal if the weather is windy or it is rainy or snowy outside, or maybe dusty

4. Government

4.1. What you can do

4.1.1. Sign petitions to pressure the government to make changes Disadvantages People wouldn't bother because they think the government won't respond to them Some people are unaware of the consequences of global warming, therefore will not take part of such petitions Advantages Can influence decisions the government makes makes people feel engaged and connected to the government, giving them a sense of belonging to their society

4.1.2. Launch causes to raise awareness of Global warming

4.2. What they can do

4.2.1. Launch campaigns to reduce the country's carbon footprint Disadvantages Some people are ignorant about this subject and wouldn't care Advantages Can inspire other countries to join in

4.2.2. Enforce laws to make sure citizens change

4.2.3. Reward those who take action to change their lives to the better

4.2.4. Switch to green renewable energy