DMG 2016

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DMG 2016 by Mind Map: DMG 2016

1. Delivery Assurance

1.1. Q1

1.1.1. Define Supervisor & Program Manager roles Elaborate who is Supervisor? Which part of EPAM set supervisors? Is DSv above or under Program Manager? Automate calculation risks of assignment Review / elaborate role in PAL Sample of activities / tasks (cases in KB) How not to kill the responsibility from DM?

1.1.2. Define Delivery Supervisor vs. Program Manager assignment process Define Rules of Assignment check org units and structures: BU vs. SP vs. Multi-SP setup vs. GDO (aka Core Tech) Document Publish/advertise Integrate into project initiation workflow (UPSA PIRs etc.) Improve UPSA PIR fields with more details of project setup - better control on what we deliver and how

1.1.3. Ensure the defined process really followed Assignments set some "rules" / KPI for assigment Measure how many DMs/DSvs meet defined criteria Delivery Status Check Quality % of Green Periods of status check Process Quality Last access Rate % projects vs. best process

1.2. ??? Continue Delivery Assurance based on the Network being built

1.3. Continue hands-on involvement into Delivery Assurance

1.3.1. how to increase DMG/DA capacity???


1.4.1. Interview key DMs

1.4.2. Relocation (IM)

1.4.3. Onboarding Guide / Programm Trips

1.5. Simplify DAF

1.5.1. Review materials for clarity

1.5.2. Synchronize Health monitor + DAF + Tools

2. "Staff" DM Network

2.1. Q1

2.1.1. Define a baseline matrix with gaps restructure excel 19/02/2016 lines pivot

2.1.2. FILL DM NETWORK CANDIATES e3s PM + tech background + team leaders role skills education facet for ASMT

2.1.3. Delivery Assurance Event Role of DSv Sharing of Access Rate increase Cases

2.1.4. ASSIGN DM -> NETWORK ROLE Sell Role to BU Sell Role to SP/ GDO Define

2.2. Q2

2.2.1. Visit major locations Share DMs and Assurance ideas, find promoters in top exec level Identify candidates for open positions via local GEO heads Interview / assess candidates ??? assign to placeholders in the matrix

2.2.2. Delivery Assurance Event Role of DSv Sharing of Access Rate increase Cases

2.3. Q3

2.3.1. Delivery Assurance Event Role of DSv Sharing of Access Rate increase Cases

2.4. EOY

2.4.1. ??? Assess the HEALTH of the Network at the end of 2016

2.4.2. Recap Delivery Assurance Event Role of DSv Sharing of Access Rate increase Cases

2.4.3. Target 2016 – 200 DMs in core assurance net (attached) + on major accounts

3. Motivation/Reward policy

3.1. for DM and DSv roles

3.1.1. Define criteria of successful project / failure / outstanding achievements document and advertise

3.1.2. ??? Work out funding source for DMs reward

3.1.3. Promote/approve the scheme with top mgmt

3.1.4. Verify a scheme is followed in the end of 2016

3.2. Confirm wage ranges

4. CDP

4.1. DM University (M2+)

4.2. DM School 2.0 (M1+)

4.2.1. Attend as traininers

4.2.2. Review modules

4.2.3. Enhance cases

4.2.4. Q2 Assurance Programm MOOC RAG How to track How Often

4.3. GROW 2.0 for DM

4.3.1. Review, refine, fill gaps in preset'2015

4.3.2. Collect feedbacks Audience = ?

4.3.3. Measure use / last access rate

4.3.4. Write DM hints or QPF (Jozsef K-B)

4.3.5. Education activities for gaps in DM matrix (Gyorgy B)

4.4. Mentoring

5. Delivery PLATFORM

5.1. Vision & Demo for Board

5.1.1. reviewed with P.Veller create actual plan engX DMG

5.2. Roles definition

5.2.1. Revitalize role definition for all Key Staff in project props

5.3. Process

5.3.1. what do we mean here?

5.3.2. SDLC 2.0 Kanban (4 sessions recorded)

5.4. Tools

5.4.1. Delivery Health Monitor (DHM) Make public quaterly announcements of new features Q1'16 roadmap = see whiteboard Mar: now Cases, Status Invalidation are supported Q2'16 roadmap = ? Q3'16 roadmap = ? Q4'16 roadmap = ?

5.4.2. Jira dashboard integrate/merge with IN framework introduce a Portfolio/acct level view further integration with DHM

5.4.3. Gantt chart Plug-in for JIRA Dima Sakavets1

5.4.4. Portfolio/Roadmap Plugin Travix Team working on proposal ETA: 1st Apr

5.4.5. JIRA7 on staging (1-2MM)

6. SWAT team

6.1. Create a bench of DMs, train for handling RED cases

6.1.1. demand?

6.1.2. locations?

6.1.3. subordination to whom?

6.1.4. available budgets / salary limits?

6.2. Initiate weekly review of RED production projects within DMG

6.3. Propose SWAT capacity for RED projects to appropriate BU heads

6.4. Improve SWAT sustainability => "Time to live" > 1y

6.4.1. ???


7.1. DM Network

7.1.1. Q1 AGS Integration Initial Integration Activities Solution from IN

7.2. Delivery Assurance

7.2.1. Q1 Cleanup/review all DM & DSv. assignments for Projects WHERE create date =<3 month from now AND FixFee OR > $500,000k “size”(>10000mh) 12/Feb/2016 check by FTE/resplan Algorithm was put in place @Rachynski run algorithm