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Chronology by Mind Map: Chronology
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Defendant charged

12 August 2009

Coming into force of The Iraq (United Nations Sanctions) Order 2000 in the UK

14 December 2000

Start of Gulf War 1 (Operation Desert Storm)

16 January 1990

Start of Gulf War 2 (Operation Iraqi Freedom)

20 March 2003

UN Resolution 661

Response to Iraq’s refusal to comply with R660, reaffirmed 660 and noted Kuwait’s right of self defense. Also enacted following sanctions on Iraq: -Prevention of imports of all products/commodities originating in Iraq or Kuwait. -Prevention of activities of Iraq/ Kuwait Nationals which would promote the export of products and transfer of funds to either country for such a purpose. -Prevention of sale of weapons/military equipment to Iraq and Kuwait (excluding humanitarian aid.) -Freezing assets (except for humanitarian purposes.) Also established a Committee of the Security Council  (consisting of all the Council members) to examine reports by SG Javier Perez de Cuellar on the situation. The Council also stressed that these sanctions should not affect assistance given to Kuwait’s legitimate government. Council to examine requests from other effected countries under Art 50 (see R 669) which reported back by asking MS to support other effected states. Votes: 13 for, 0 against and 2 abstentions (Yemen and Cuba)

6 August 1990

UN Resolution 1483

Lifts civilian sanctions and provided for termination of Oil-for Food Program within six months. Transfers responsibility for the administration of any remaining activity to the authority representing the occupying powers.

End of Sanctions regime

5th (final) Volcker Report on the Manipulation of the OFFP

27 October 2005

Count 4 - Defendant Indictment

19 December 2001

End of Gulf War 1

28 February 1991

US forces take over Baghdad (Saddam toppled - end of Gulf War 2?)

9 April 2003

1st Interim Volcker Report

3 February 2005

Count 1 - Defendant Indictment

16 July 2001

Count 2 - Defendant Indictment

24 July 2001

Count 3 - Defendant Indictment

2 August 2001

Defendant Interviewed in the Volcker Report

31 August 2005