Elements of Music

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Elements of Music by Mind Map: Elements of Music

1. Rhythm: -Flow of music, specific pattern and arrangement of notes. Organisation of notes: Meter. Such as duple, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple.

2. Melody: series of single tones that add up to a whole. Has a specific direction, shape and continuity.

3. Harmony: way chords are put together to follow each other. You need to add emphasis, surprise and suspense.

4. Timbre: quality and colour of the sound. It will have it's own specific sound it.

5. Form: order or plan of music. There is often repetition used in form. Repetition are single sounds in small groups.

6. Texture: the amount of layers of sound heard at once. This is also called harmony or melody. There are 3 types of texture: Monophonic, homophobic and polyphonic.

7. Sound: vibrations of an object. This also includes pitch. (Highness or lowness of sound) Indefinite pitch: irregular vibrations. Definite pitch: fast vibrations, also called a tone.