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My View of Intelligence by Mind Map: My View of Intelligence
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My View of Intelligence

I define it as one's capacity for learning

ability to gain and retain knowledge


learn from their mistakes and rarely make the same mistake twice

understand concepts and processes

acquired by being born - nature

children are born with the potential to be intellectuals

sometimes children are able to gain knowledge easily, with little strain or hard work, or seemingly naturally

potential can be clouded or diminished by not using faculties or from distractions

acquired by study and guidance - nurture

children need a mentor, a teacher, or a parent to help instill in them motivation to study and build their intelligence

intelligent people read or study things often

many intelligent people have supportive parents with high expectations

many intelligent people went to prestigious schools

People who are considered intelligent have different strengths

can have a large and rich vocabulary

are often successful in their areas of expertise

whether or not a person is considered intelligent is often determined by their culture

book smarts or street smarts