My Learning Network

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My Learning Network by Mind Map: My Learning Network

1. Who will help you extend your knowledge?

1.1. More tech courses

1.1.1. Continuing my education

1.2. Pro D days

1.2.1. Experts/innovators

1.3. CUEBC

1.4. Online resources

1.4.1. YouTube

1.4.2. Blogs

1.4.3. Wikis

1.4.4. Forums

2. What resources will support your learning and how will you connect to them?

2.1. Resource: Various instructors from my tech courses. Connected by: blogs, e-mail, phone

2.2. Resource: Blogs and other websites Connected by: RSS readers, bookmarks.

2.3. Resource: Pro D days Connected by: Conferences, establishing networks with colleagues

3. Who will impact the course of your informal learning?

3.1. Students

3.1.1. Looking to better engage them

3.1.2. Provide different styles of teaching to suit different methods of learning

3.2. Changes to the curriculum

3.2.1. Incorporating technology more and more

3.3. Me

3.3.1. Desire to better myself

3.4. Colleagues

3.5. Friends/Family

3.5.1. Showing me new tools

4. Future Learning Network

4.1. Classmates from various tech courses

4.1.1. Some of you (hopefully)

4.2. Teachers from other parts of the world

4.2.1. Different perspectives, different ideas

4.3. Students

4.3.1. Past and present

4.4. Blogs