BPMN 2.0-based process engine

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BPMN 2.0-based process engine by Mind Map: BPMN 2.0-based process engine

1. UI

1.1. Activiti Explorer

1.1.1. JSF2 BPMN2 tasks limitattions ServiceTask UserTask

1.1.2. Vaadin https://vaadin.com/success-stories/showcase/-/asset_publisher/2Spd/content/activiti-explorer

1.1.3. Spring https://spring.io/blog/2016/02/07/orchestrating-work-with-activiti-and-spring-integration

1.1.4. Integration example http://blog.tomeklipski.com/2013/03/porting-activiti-explorer-to-liferay.html

2. Schedule

2.1. Project Start

2.1.1. Project specifications

2.1.2. End User requirements

2.1.3. Action points sign-off

2.2. March

2.2.1. Define actions as necessary

2.3. April

3. Databases

3.1. Vendors

3.1.1. H2 in-memory database

3.1.2. PostgreSQL

3.1.3. e.g. MySQL http://www.jorambarrez.be/blog/2010/08/09/hello_world_on_mysql/

3.2. Approaches

3.2.1. Independent DB SRP load will be independent from Activiti load

3.2.2. merge Activiti DB schema with SRP scripts then create tables directly into working database

3.3. questions

3.3.1. which business data will be involved

3.3.2. what sources? = where will data arrive from; what sinks- where will data be passed to?

4. External services

4.1. Mail notifications

4.2. calendar..

4.3. etc..

5. SRP API<->Activiti interaction

5.1. REST

5.1.1. REST-based interface to push and fetch process data

5.1.2. engine's load can be redirected to independent server

5.2. directly add to existing app

6. User managment

6.1. Users and Groups

7. Who will configure business processes?

7.1. Customer

7.2. Specialists

7.3. tools

7.3.1. Activiti Modeler

7.3.2. Activiti Designer Eclipse

7.3.3. External yaoqiang bpmn editor http://bpmn.sourceforge.net/

7.4. export/import BPMN workflow

7.5. dynamic?

7.5.1. The Activiti 6 Engine opens up a whole new range of dynamic behaviour in process instances. Because of its well defined execution structure and flexible API, there are a lot of new possibilities to add to the Engine...