Copy of Talk Like Ted

The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds

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Copy of Talk Like Ted by Mind Map: Copy of Talk Like Ted

1. TED Talks to watch

1.1. Hans Rosling

1.2. Susan Cain

1.3. Seth Godin

1.4. Edi Rama

1.5. Dan Pink

1.6. Richard St. John

1.7. Dr. Jill

1.8. Lisa Kristine

1.9. Lisa Kristine

1.10. Al Gore

2. Secret #9

2.1. Stay in your lane

2.1.1. Be authentic

2.1.2. Be open

2.1.3. Be transparent

3. Secret #8

3.1. Paint a mental picture with multi sensory experience

3.1.1. They enhance learning

3.1.2. Use visuals to enhance words

3.1.3. See it

3.1.4. Hear it

3.1.5. Feel it

4. Secret #7

4.1. Stick To The 18 Minute Rule

4.1.1. Listening is draining

4.1.2. Your brain is an energy hog

4.1.3. The Rule of 3 Build a message map in 3 steps Step 1: Create a Twitter Friendly Headline Step 2: Support the headline with 3 key messages Step 3: Reinforce the three messages with stories, statistics and examples

5. Secret #6

5.1. Lighten Up

5.1.1. Don't Take Yourself too Seriously

5.1.2. Humour Lowers Defenses

5.1.3. 5 Ways to Add humour to your presentation Use Anecdotes, Observations and Personal Stories Analogies and Metaphors Quotes Video Photos

6. Secret #1

6.1. Unleash The Master Within

6.1.1. Dig deep to identify your unique and meaningful connection to your presentation topic.

6.1.2. What makes your heart sing?

7. Secret #2

7.1. Master The Art of Storytelling

7.1.1. Tell stories to reach peoples brains and hearts

7.1.2. Stories are just data with a soul

7.1.3. Three simple, effective types of stories Personal Stories Stories About Other People Stories About Brand Success

8. Secret #3

8.1. Have a Conversation

8.1.1. Practice relentlessly so that you can deliver your presentation as comfortably as having a conversation with a friend

8.1.2. Get Help With Planning

8.1.3. Get Feedback Early

8.1.4. Rehearse, Rehearse & Rehearse

8.1.5. Four Elements of Verbal Delivery Rate: The speed at which you speak Volume: Loudness or Softness Pitch: High or Low inflections Pause: Short pauses to punch key words

8.1.6. The Ideal Pace of Public Speaking 190 words per minute

8.1.7. Your Gestures Make a Strong Argument Even Stronger

9. Secret #4

9.1. Teach Me Something New

9.1.1. Learning is a buzz

9.1.2. Your Brains Natural Save Button Dopamine

9.1.3. Successful Presentations Reveal Ideas You've Never Considered

9.1.4. Make Your Headline Twitter Friendly

10. Secret #5

10.1. Deliver Jaw Dropping Moments

10.1.1. They Create an Emotionally Charged Event Makes Your Presentation Easier to Remeber

10.1.2. End on a high note