What is Technology

Creative Component: Discussion 1

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What is Technology by Mind Map: What is Technology

1. Reference To Course Material

1.1. Microsoft Commercial

1.1.1. One of my favourite commercials that creates an emotional connection with the audience. The commercial is inspirational yet informative.

1.1.2. Thinking outside the box - Not many technology commercials have created a strong emotional connection with the target.

1.1.3. Demonstration of how technology is used in both physical/non-physical ways.

1.1.4. Pushing what technology can be used for in a daily life. Example from the commercial "When i lost my eye sight, I thought my painting days were over."

1.2. The Spaghetti Sauce Metaphor

1.2.1. Food For Thought, an article referenced a metaphor to convey some sense of the dynamics of invention, innovation, and development. Friedel, Robert (2002)

1.2.2. The idea behind development and making long-term process.

1.3. Defining Technology

1.3.1. Technology as Hardware

1.3.2. Technology as Manufacturing

1.3.3. Technology as Methodology

1.3.4. Technology as Social Usage

1.3.5. The article Defining the Word “Technology” … Four Times stood out to me over the other technology defining articles. This article spoke to me on a personal level as what they described as the most basic level of technology understanding, was unfortunately the closest to my definition of technology before reading the course material. When asked to describe technology, my first thoughts were cell phones and computers, limiting technology to simplistic electronic devices. This article made me think about the top three headings above over social usage. The most interesting method was technology as Methodology, as it differed from my perspective of being the opposite of the physical form of technology and innovative/thought focused.

2. Technology Definition: Before

2.1. Electronics

2.1.1. Smart Phones

2.1.2. Laptops

2.1.3. GPS

2.2. Brands

2.2.1. Apple

2.2.2. Microsoft

3. Creative Explanation

3.1. I chose to organize my thoughts through a mind map as it allowed me to demonstrate my thought process.

3.1.1. The mind map was used as brainstorming and added additional components throughout to be visually appealing.

4. Technology Definition: After

4.1. Physical form of technology

4.1.1. Electronic Devices

4.1.2. Source of information

4.1.3. Machinery

4.1.4. Science

4.2. Non- Physical forms

4.2.1. Innovative thought processes to create future technology Implimenting methods

4.3. Understanding technology and its purpose was difficult for me to summarize as one I read the course material I gained more insight making it only harder to define Technology. Technology is an important aspect of my daily routine that I haven't thought deeply enough about. Not only do i use it regularly, it will be a large factor in my future and the workforce.The article Defining “Technology” states variation in definitions on technology, however I agree with Adam Thierer on his favourite definition. “We define technology as the organization of knowledge for the achievement of practical purposes.”Emmanuel G. Mesthene (1970)

5. Reference List

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