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Sigil ARG by Mind Map: Sigil ARG

1. Wiki


2. Sigil

2.1. found in bunch of indie games with groundwork going back to at least October 2014

3. Solved Sigil

3.1. Sigil in Crypt of the Necrodancer

3.1.1. Found in the file directory for the game as ‘eye.jpg’. File dates to May 2015 and results to puzzle piece #1 through hex editing and finding another image embedded in it.

3.1.2. Solved : Puzzle Piece #1

3.2. Sigil in Mini Metro

3.2.1. Found in the credit and leads to a secret map puzzle. Dates back to at least May 2015. When solved, results in puzzle piece #2

3.2.2. Solved : puzle piece #2

3.3. Sigil in Legend of Dungeon

3.3.1. Clicking on a dwarf in the Options menu pops up a (very faded) version of the sigil. Puzzle piece #3 was found by activating the 27th floor.

3.3.2. Solved : puzzle piece #3

3.3.3. Video :

3.4. Sigil in Magic Circle

3.4.1. Found on a door, and figuring out how to get above the room with the door leads to the puzzle piece #4. Dates back to at least September 2015.

3.4.2. Solved : puzzle piece #4

3.4.3. Video :

3.5. Sigil in Neon Struct

3.5.1. Sigil appears on the shirt of character called "Stranger". Play through the game talking to all strangers and getting all geocaches save one displacement orb for the end. At the end you throw the displacement orb past the ending trigger, and you will see Puzzle Piece #5 with a message. Ditto

3.5.2. Solved : Puzzle Piece #5

3.6. Sigil in Mos Speedrun 2

3.6.1. Sigil appears on wall in a secret area reached by jumping through a roof tile on the top left of stage 3-4. At the very bottom part of the first seconds from the video you can see some gray blocks with a gap, if you go down there and continue down and to the left you'll find the puzzle piece.

3.6.2. Another sigil is shattered in pieces throughout a stage. Video:

3.6.3. Solved : Puzzle Piece #6

3.7. Sigil in Flickers

3.7.1. Sigil appears on tree shortly into the game. Got the puzzle piece to appear by editing the level the sigil was on, Touching the edited small orb triggered the puzzle piece to appear.

3.7.2. Solved : Puzzle Piece #7

3.8. Sigil in Sokobond

3.8.1. Whenever you solve a level with a solution involving hydrogen the sigil appears with a count of such solutions you have made. Upon achieving 12 such solutions the puzzle piece appears.

3.8.2. Solved : Puzzle Piece #8

3.9. Sigil in Moon Hunters

3.9.1. Play through once and unlock mountain adventures, the sigil can be found in the mountains. To get the puzzle piece, You have to be playing in multiplayer and have at least 2 people perform a special pose animation at once, while standing on the sigil.

3.9.2. Solved : Puzzle Piece #9

3.10. Sigil in Soda Drinker Pro

3.10.1. Sigil is found in the corner of the room on Level 2. After you poke through the wall in the corner, you can sort of skirt across to the left and fall on the walkway. There's a light on one end you walk into that causes the main level to move away and reveals a massive pulsing sigil, and then when you reach the end of the walkway and turn back you see the puzzle piece.

3.10.2. Solved : Puzzle Piece #10

4. Unsolved Sigil

4.1. Sigil in Kingdom of Loathing

4.1.1. Found on a door ('s_on_the_Slab). Adventure dates back to October 2014, making it the oldest spotting so far (and, as KoL is a browser-only game, debunks this ARG being explicitly Steam/Valve related).

4.1.2. Unsolved yet.

4.2. Sigil in Slide the Shakes

4.2.1. On level 88 of Slide the Shakes there is a sigil in the bottom right when you pull back the shake. Also, level 88 has 7 stage, each stage has a morse code on the goal platforms that spells out a letter. The morse code on all 7 stage spell out ARCHUSB. Screenshot ingame (the green part is the morse code.)

4.2.2. Unsolved yet.

4.3. Sigil in Soul of Darkness

4.3.1. Souls of Darkness is a book authored by Gary Butterfield with lore based around Dark Souls. Sigil can be found on bottom-right of the map in both the .pdf and printed versions of the book. Sigil on printed version of the book A site made by the author with the map : Map on the site

4.3.2. Unsolved yet.

4.4. Sigil in Souls of Darkness

4.4.1. Souls of Darkness is a book authored by Gary Butterfield with lore based around Dark Souls. Sigil can be found on bottom-right of the map in both the .pdf and printed versions of the book. Printed version of the book A site with the map :

4.4.2. Unsolved yet.

5. Puzzle Piece

5.1. Found after solving/playing with in-game content related to sigils

6. Speculative map outcome

6.1. Ditto.

7. Unofficial YouTube channel about all these.