Everything In It's Place

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Everything In It's Place by Mind Map: Everything In It's Place

1. 1122 Thomasville Road

1.1. Salon

1.1.1. Front Retail Area Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3 Domain 4 Domain 5 Domain 6 Domain 7 Domain 8 Domain 9 Domain 10 Travel Domain Launchpad Waiting Area Magazines Wood Bench Chairs Kleenex and Stool Front Desk Desk Tops Cabinets Drawers Wall

1.1.2. Back Styling Floor Makeup Station Cleaning Station Color Bar Bathroom Learning Room Attic

1.2. Workshop

1.2.1. Shelves 1-5 6L-10L

1.2.2. Walls and Floor

1.2.3. Workbench Pegboard Shelves Under Workbench Top of Bench

1.3. Office

2. Storage Units (off-site)

2.1. Katie's Storage Unit

2.2. Salon Storage Unit

3. 725 East Jefferson

3.1. Upstairs

3.2. Downstairs

3.2.1. Front Living Room

3.2.2. Back Living Room White Desk Green Shelves Ikea Boxes Cases Board Games and Puzzles Exercise Equipment Spare Baskets Closet Chest of Drawers Green Trunk Aerobed and Blankets Black Leather Chest

3.2.3. Carport Workbench Brown Chest Beige Cabinet (standing)

3.2.4. Attic Above Carport

3.2.5. Kitchen

3.2.6. Adam's Room

3.2.7. Bathroom