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Sarah Rose Reviews by Mind Map: Sarah Rose Reviews

1. Home

1.1. This page will give a brief summary of what I will do on my website.

1.1.1. Logo: I will include a logo

1.1.2. Social Media: I will use Instagram to have another outlet where people can reach me and link it in the home page

1.1.3. Infographic: I will create an infographic that will show people all my site does

2. About

2.1. This page will give a little background information on me and why I got into makeup and why I like it. Also this page will go more in depth about what I will do on my website.

2.1.1. Graphic design/QR code: I will have business cards that can be use for free lancing and will direct people to my site

2.1.2. Screencast: I will create a screen cast that shows people what they can do on my site

3. Swatches

3.1. On this page I will include swatch pictures of different makeup products from eye shadow pallets to comparisons of different products.

3.1.1. Photo editing: I will use photo editing to add in the names of products onto the pictures of the swatches

4. Reviews

4.1. This page will go more in depth on what I think of certain product and if they are worth buying or not.

4.1.1. App: I will create an app so people can click on a picture of a product and the review will pop up along with swatches or any tutorials

5. Tutorials

5.1. This is where i will show different makeup looks and show people how to achieve them.

5.1.1. Video project: I will create video tutorials of makeup looks.

6. Questions/Comments

6.1. This page will be a place where people can go and leave comments or questions for me to answer.

6.1.1. Google form: I will use a google form to allow people to take surveys on what look they want to see next or what they want reviewed next.