Down syndrome

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Down syndrome by Mind Map: Down syndrome

1. What is Down syndrome?

1.1. A full explanation of what Down syndrome is including links to different resources to find even more information.

1.1.1. Infographics

2. Down syndrome in the world

2.1. Stories of individuals with Down syndrome and how they are making their mark in society.

2.1.1. Social Media

3. Contact

3.1. A way to contact for more resources, ask questions, participate in surveys, and more.

3.1.1. Google Form

4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1. A brief description of Down syndrome navigated through questions most commonly asked about Down syndrome.

5. Resources

5.1. Resources relating to different aspects of Down syndrome; medical care, community resources, groups, events, etc.

6. Home

6.1. The home page will introduce the topic of the site and grab the visitor's attention to encourage them to continue exploring different aspects of the site.