Effective Strategies for Promoting Personal Success in College

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Effective Strategies for Promoting Personal Success in College by Mind Map: Effective Strategies for Promoting Personal Success in College

1. Choosing a program that is a good fir for an individual will help the student find success in higher education

2. What defines success?

2.1. What factors effect success?

2.2. What factors effect degree completion?

2.3. How is success measured?

3. What is online learning?

3.1. How is it different than traditional college?

3.2. What advantages are seen through online programs?

3.3. What are the disadvantages?

4. What steps can be taken to encourage success?

4.1. What can schools do to improve success?

4.2. What can individuals do to succeed?

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6. Research has been done in significant amounts to determine the effectiveness of online learning.

7. Success at any university is determined by an individual's specific goals. That is not always degree completion

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9. The current generation of students entering college is exposed to online learning from an early age. These students expect online programs and services.

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11. Continuing to build dialogue between students, and between students and faculty, is important in developing a community of learning in the online enviroment.

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13.1. Perceptions of what factors will make one successful are not always accurate.

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15. Although there are many factors that may determine academic success, there are ways to maximize achievement of one’s goals.