Countries and cultures

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Countries and cultures by Mind Map: Countries and cultures

1. All these sites except "About" site will be one of the links which attach to the country when the viewer clicks (other sites as well, except the "About" site)The language site will be one of the links which attach to the country when the viewer clicks

2. About

2.1. In this site I will extend my tagline, ie. explain why I create this website and what contents contain in this website

2.1.1. I will use photos to attract and guide the viewer

3. Languages

3.1. In the language site of each country I will introduce the main/official language spoken by people at first, then also the other languages in that country even it was spoken by very small numbers of people because that is the purpose. I will try to list every language that still being used.

3.1.1. I will put photos of the written language examples

3.1.2. I will use sound/video to show how the language sounds like

3.1.3. I will put the language map of that country which mapping the regions of spoken languages

4. History and now

4.1. In this site I will roughly introduce the history and current situation (can be news, education..) of that country, I will try to put national anthem of each country in this site

4.1.1. I will use historical photos and nowadays photos from news

4.1.2. I will use Youtube videos or sound player to present the national anthem

5. Music and entertainment

5.1. In this site I will put featured music/songs and movie/TV shows of that country

5.1.1. I will use Youtube videos to show

5.1.2. And maybe the post/logos of the TV shows/movie company if it need

6. Food

6.1. In this site I will introduce the food/daily dish of that country, I will keep it as authentic as it can

6.1.1. I will use photos to show the food

6.1.2. I may use videos to show how the food is made or food view (eg. in street, restaurants) of that country

6.1.3. I will put a map which showing the food eaten in different regions if it need

7. Home

7.1. The home page will be a world map site, the viewers can click on the specific country on the map and thus choose contents to see

7.1.1. I will use country flags to show the country regions when the viewer place the mouse in that region, and of course, the country name also will appear. Before they click it will just shows the continent (eg. Asia, Europe..). It will be available for them to click the country and thus appear other links as showed in this mind map.

8. Tagline: Introduce counties of the world by presenting the true face of them, e.g. cultures

9. Geography and weather

9.1. In this site it will generally introduce the geography of that country, mainly focus on the weather.

9.1.1. I will try to put featured cities to represent the specific weather if it is a big country.

9.1.2. I will put photos related to weather (eg. snow, humid), and natural views