Benefits of Online Learning

Presentation for the Benefits of Online Learning

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Benefits of Online Learning by Mind Map: Benefits of Online Learning

1. Comfortable Learning Environment with Convenience and Flexibility

1.1. This topic, I consider to be the most popular and most rewarding with all the research I have done so far. Now, this is a huge bonus to your online education. Think about how good it feels to be able to study anywhere and everywhere with internet access. These days, WIFI is available most anywhere you go. This can be such a motivator for anyone interested in the online education courses. Taking a vacation won't keep you from missing out on any school work, unless of course you are going to some deserted island in Candy Land.

1.1.1. Here I will like to point out the pros to the convenience and flexibility of online learning. Online learning is growing rapidly every year, it has become very popular due to the convenience and flexibility that it allows an individual to have. Having a comfortable learning environment. At the moment I am still researching to find proven "facts" that this particular pro can benefit your success. In my own "opinion" comfort does matter while you are studying. There seems to be a lot of controversy whether or not being "comfortable" has an impact on a person's learning ability. We shall dig deep with this topic in my final presentation.

2. Ability to Learn/Study at Your Own Pace

2.1. Being able to take time in a certain area of concentration is highly beneficial to some students. There is no rush while doing your online research, unless you are a procrastinator. I will be going over the benefits of being able to study at your own pace and how it can affect your success with your online education.

2.1.1. We will review the advantages on how being able to study at your own pace can be rewarding, while also keeping in mind that it does require a lot of self motivation. Staying motivated while learning at your own pace it VITAL. You will not be as successful if you do not continue to push and motivate yourself during your experience with online education.

3. Commuting and Lowering Total Cost

3.1. We all know the feeling when you are having a "bad day". The car broke down, the weather is horrible and the babysitter didn't show up. What do you do when you need to be at class at a certain time? Thank goodness there is Online Education available these days. There is no need for a sitter when you can be home and do your studies at the same time. What need will you have for a bright sun shiny day for that matter? Besides, the enjoyment of it while looking out your window. No more worries about getting to class on time because of the weather or your car not cranking. Let's not forget the money you will be saving on childcare, gas and books!

3.1.1. I will discuss the benefits of Commuting and how this can limit stress with your online education. Lowering Total Cost, this topic will include various ways that you will be able to save with your online education.

4. Conclusion

4.1. With these great benefits of online learning combined you will be able to achieve great success, while enjoying your journey to get there. There is no excuse for obtaining an education now. The lower costs, the leisure of being able to learn wherever and whenever, comfortable learning, flexibility, and studying at your own pace is all one click away.