Our Story Lauren Corso

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Our Story Lauren Corso by Mind Map: Our Story  Lauren Corso

1. On this site students can create, share, and view different timelines.

1.1. This would be a great tool for a social studies lesson!

1.2. This would also be a good tool to utilize for collaborative learning.

1.3. In 7th grade, my kids had to make a timeline about their lives including pictures from the past as well as goals they had in the future. This would be a neat way to make a timeline in this digital age. -S. Alvarez

1.3.1. The hardest part about the timeline my kids made was printing the pictures to glue onto their timeline! This way, it would all be digital! -S. Alvarez Yes it is much easier to do it digitally-especially since most people have a lot of their family pictures on computers.

1.4. This would be a great tool for primary classrooms to teach the concept of a timeline! Making a class timeline is always a favorite activity! - Phyllis Cammiso

1.4.1. I think this sounds like a great idea too! I know that often times teachers like making scrap books or portfolios for the year! A timeline sounds like another great way to organize and compile memories. --M. Rothman

1.5. This could be a great way to stay connected with families! Students could help create a timeline of events during the school year (pictures of projects, portfolios, class outings) and parents could have access to the timeline in order to stay connected to the happenings in their child's classroom. -G. Kelly

2. Can be used for educational OR personal purposes.

3. There are different privacy settings. You can choose to share your timeline with personal choices, your family, your community, or the world.

3.1. I never heard about this so thank you for teaching me something new. The one thing I could suggest to your mindmeister is to include a link like OurStory.com, I googled it to look into it and I think that is the right one! M. Krotz

3.1.1. I would love suggestions on mine! M. Krotz

3.1.2. I'm sorry about the link not being there! I posted it originally, not sure what happened there. I just posted it again. This was one of my biggest concerns about using mindmeister! It seems too easy to delete other peoples ideas! -S. Alvarez I see it now! M. Krotz

4. You can upload pictures, videos, or just text to your timelines.

4.1. Is there a limit to how much data you can place on a timeline with the free membership? - Phyllis Cammiso

5. It's free! There is also an option to become a member for $36.

5.1. Members have the option to add to already completed time lines.

5.2. Members can create an unlimited number of timelines. Their timelines can also have unlimited information on them.

5.3. Do you need to have an account? My concern is usually the rules about children must be 13 or over. I teach middle school and often the kids are 11 or 12 and not old enough to belong to websites. -S. Alvarez

5.3.1. You do need to have an account to use this site. And unfortunately, you do need to be 13 or older to create one. You could create your own and use it on your Smartboard. Or you could ask parents to help their student access the site.

6. http://www.ourstory.com//

7. All great ideas! - Dr. Fritz